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Hey hey hey! How are you? It’s February… huh? I know most of us in the UK have been in yet ANOTHER lockdown this last month so that’s been GREAT. But regardless, I hope your January has been good to you. Mine definitely has. I’ve had a really positive start to the New Year so trying to carry that momentum forward with me into the month of love. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to my 7 amazing advertisers for February!

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

My first advertiser this month is a blog that I love to read anyway, so I’m thrilled to welcome The LDN Lifestyle! If you love London, you’re travelling to London or you want to make a point of exploring more of London, then this is the blog for you! There’s everything from restaurant and bar reviews, travel guides and things to do in London which might be a bit “off the beaten path” instead of your standard tourist attractions! When it’s possible, I’m definitely going to be making use of this blog and finding some places in London to check out!

Posts from The LDN Lifestyle I’d Recommend:

Next up we have someone that I believe needs no introduction but I’d better do one anyway just in case by some chance you’re not familiar with Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook! Lisa is one of my faves online because she’s so lovely and supportive. Her blog certainly has a little something for everyone, including health + wellness, gardening (she is an AMAZING gardener), parenting, beauty and more!

Posts From Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend:

Tash from A Girl With a View is my next advertiser this month and her beautiful blog is one I just absolutely ADORE. I mean, just her banner alone is gorgeous! On her blog, Tash talks about lifestyle, beauty and books among other things as well featuring a lot of very helpful content around University which I know will be very helpful for the students among you!

Posts from A Girl With A View I’d Recommend:

Portable Guide is a very niche blog but definitely one I think a lot of people will find helpful. Portable Guide focuses on sharing reviews, guides, tips and tricks on hundreds of portable products that people use around the globe on a daily basis. From home and kitchen to sports equipment to health and beauty and more. Portable Guide aids you in finding the right product for you!

Posts from Portable Guide I’d Recommend:

Modern Minimalists is run by Nancy and Mario. Nancy I already knew from her solo blog but I’m so excited to introduce you to Modern Minimalists, a blog run by the couple, where they share tips and tricks, insights and inspiration about life, goals and how to make the most of what’s available. Their clean and modern blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to read more of their posts in the future!

Posts from Modern Minimalists I’d Recommend:

Dream Somehow is a SUPER CUTE blog run by Selena, which covers an array of amazing topics such as travel, creativity, Disney, gaming and more. Just based on those topics alone, this blog is RIGHT UP MY STREET. Selena’s beautiful, bold and vibrant blog will leave you wanting more and more. It certainly does for me! So this is definitely one to check out today.

Posts from Dream Somehow I’d Recommend:

And finally, if you’ve got room for one more amazing blog today, I urge you to check out Glitz and Glamour Makeup. This is one for all my beauty lovers out there. With 10 years of experience blogging about beauty, Glitz and Glamour Makeup offers reviews, beauty deals, beauty tips and more! Kathy lives and breathes beauty so for all your beauty needs, you know where to go.

Posts from Glitz and Glamour Makeup I’d Recommend:

Which of these blogs are you going to check out today and what posts are you reading next? Let me know!


  1. I am already following a handful of these bloggers and I can’t wait to follow the rest. I’m really back in the full swing of reading blogs – I think lots of other people are too so this post has come at the perfect time!


  2. You have some GREAT advertisers this month, most of which I know VERY well. That being said, there are a couple year that I’m not overly familiar with. I’m going to have to check out their posts!!

  3. Been loving Modern Minimalists for the past month now and also A Girl With a View, but it so nice to keep seeing new names popping up here. Aside from the writers I know I enjoy, it is amazing to find new people to connect with. Thank you for helping that happen!

  4. Whoop, I’m so happy to be advertising with you again, Jenny, thank you for having me back! And, as always, I’m in fab company too – some of my fellow advertisers I recognise and love but some are new to me so I can’t wait to check them out 🙂 xxx

  5. So excited for February, as it is my birthday and Valentine’s Day! Ooo some of these bloggers I actually haven’t heard of before and I love finding new bloggers to follow and support. I love Lisa’s blog and been blogger friends for years now. I am going to check out the ones I haven’t heard of. Thank you for sharing Jenny. Have a great February!

  6. So excited to be advertising with you this month! Thank you for having me – I’ll definitely be checking out everyone else’s blogs too!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  7. I’ve been reading Lisa’s Notebook and A Girl With a View for awhile but I am not familiar with the others. Looking forward to checking them out. I’m sure I’ll love Modern Minimalists since I’m also a minimalist.

  8. It was fantastic to meet you bloggers this month! You always do so well with advertising them and really give them the spotlight they deserve. I only hope i can do the same should I ever start it.

  9. Some wonderful bloggers here but also some I have not seen before so I am looking forward to checking out some more over the month.

    I don’t know if I am happy January is over or if I just can’t quite believe its finally over!!

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