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March. It is MARCH. March for heavens sake. And it wouldn’t be a meet the advertisers post without me going on about how quickly the months are going, is it? So whilst I can’t quite believe it’s March already, I am super excited to introduce you to my wonderful advertisers for this month. There’s 7 amazing blogs to read and enjoy, so let’s get into it!

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

My first advertiser for this month is someone that I believe needs no introduction but I’d better do one anyway just in case by some chance you’re not familiar with Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook! Lisa is one of my faves online because she’s so lovely and supportive. Her blog certainly has a little something for everyone, including health + wellness, gardening (she is an AMAZING gardener), parenting, beauty and more! I always enjoy reading Lisa’s blog!

Posts From Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend:

The Grumpy Olive is a blog that I’ve not long been reading but it’s genuinely become one of my firm favourites over the last few months, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to Christina, Fred and Simona, who run this wonderful blog! You’ll find a LOT of yummy looking recipes and food related content (which always leave my mouth watering) as well as books and travel. What’s not to love?

Posts From The Grumpy Olive I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser is someone new and I’m really happy to introduce you to Shyla from Sincere Mommy. Sincere Mommy is full of super fun and creative posts on crafts, kids crafts, recipes and more. As well as helpful blogging advice style posts, aimed to help you grow and make money – particularly if you’re a craft blogger or thinking of becoming one! Definitely a must-read!

Posts From Sincere Mommy I’d Recommend:

The Glow Up Project is a second blog from one of my favourites, Nele! This blog is a collection of articles all about… you guessed it… GLOWING UP. Personal development, self care, self love and all that good stuff. So if you know me at all by now, you’ll know that this is right up my street. And I’m sure it’ll be your cup of tea too! Ready to make those positive life changes? This one’s for you!

Posts From The Glow Up Project I’d Recommend:

We can’t travel right now, so I’m getting all my travel from diving into travel blogs and vlogs. Lucy Lives Here is an amazing blog that really will tend to ALL your travel needs. From Scotland to China to Italy and more with additional travel tips posts, Lucy Lives Here is THE BLOG for everyone making those lists of places they want to visit, when the pandemic is finally over!

Posts From Lucy Lives Here I’d Recommend: 

Life With Rachael is the newest blog of the bunch at less than a year old but I’m excited to introduce you to her and her fab blog and posts today! A bit of lifestyle, a bit of well-being and a bunch of positivity. That’s what you can expect to find on Rachael’s blog! She’s also around on Twitter and such a lovely girl and supportive, so her blog is definitely one to check out this month!

Posts From Life With Rachael I’d Recommend:

My final advertiser for the month is Goal of Happiness. Which pretty much is what it says on the tin. A fab blog all about everything positive and motivating, to help you lead a happier and healthier life. And who doesn’t want that?! You’ll find a ton of fitness content, tips, mental health and self care and a bunch of good advice to help you make those positive changes!

Posts From Goal of Happiness I’d Recommend:

I hope you enjoy my advertisers this month! Which ones are you going to check out first?


  1. I enjoy reading Lisa’s, Rachel’s & The Grumpy Olive’s posts! I’m not too familiar with the other bloggers, so I’ll defnitely have to check out their blogs!

  2. Lovely post! I love that you promote different blogs on your blog each month! I’ve read some of these blogs and they are great! I’ll have to check out the blogs that I haven’t read yet.

  3. Ahh what a lovely list of blogs Jenny! I know a few but have come across some new ones on the list, so will be lovely to check them out <3 x

  4. You have a great roundup of bloggers advertising with you this month. I have seen all of these blogs and enjoyed their content at least once or twice, but there are a few of them that I think I need to enjoy a deep dive on and check out more than just the one piece of content that I come across online. It’s a good thing that I’m planning a morning of blog reading! Lol

  5. These posts are always great for me to find new bloggers, some of the ones here I already read quite regularly and love them but I shall check out some of the others!

  6. I really love these posts – I know I say it every time but it’s true! Quite a few bloggers I’m familiar with but a couple I haven’t heard of before so excited to check them out!

  7. Some incredible bloggers here! I love The Grumpy Olive – such a fab blog. Definitely going to be checking out the ones I’m less familiar with.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  8. What a great list! A lot of new names I haven’t seen and I’m glad you’ve introduced them. Going to check these blogs out ASAP 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations!

  9. Ooo I actually don’t think I know a few of these! I really like reading these posts so I can find fellow bloggers who share content that I love to read. There are a few that I am advertising for now and there are some that I am advertising in the near future. Thank you for sharing your advertisers post.

    Lauren –

  10. I have read posts from a couple of these bloggers before. They all sound great, I love these posts for finding new blogs to read.

  11. Ah, what a delight to see such a fresh mix of new writers here to explore! I look forward to exploring Sincere Mommy and Goal of Happiness.
    The Grumpy Olive is relatively new to me too, but what a lovely site and many of their recipes are indeed mouthwatering!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. I honestly really can’t believe it’s March already – it’s so crazy. Where the hell did the year go?! I love your advertisers posts, so fun to find new blogs to read x

  13. Another fab bunch of blogs! A few of these I know but quite a few are also new to me so I’m looking forward to checking them out (I now have a bunch of tabs open, aha!). Thanks for bringing some new ones to my attention!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing blogs! The Grumpy Olive is one of my favourite sites but I’ll definitely have to check out the others too!!

  15. First of all, I love your choice if the tulip picture.
    I’m familiar with 3 of the bloggers you mentioned.
    As you said, Lisa is one of the most lovely and supportive bloggers.
    I also love The Grumpy Olive. They are very nice girls and publish very young and diversified posts.
    Finally, I’m getting to know Goal of Happiness. It’s posts are really calming and positive.
    Hopefully. I’ll get to know the others as well.

  16. Lovely to be back with you again, Jenny, thank you for having me! I recognise a few of my fellow bloggers here but equally some I don’t know so I’m looking forward to checking out their blogs too! xx

  17. Can’t believe either it’s march already, where is time going! Love to see some known names and some new blogs to visit! Thank you very much for having us and for your kind words Jenny!! xx

  18. It thrills me to see some familiar names and favorites on this list! I’m looking forward to keeping up with everyone this month. And I’m with you: I can’t believe that it’s March either!

  19. YESS my fave post all month. I already follow so many of these amazing bloggers from your previous recommendations and LOVE their content! I can’t wait to get to know the others who are new to me!


  20. Oh there are a few new ones here to check out this month. In particular the Glow up project sounds brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more over the month x x

  21. Ooh what a lovely post. There’s 1 or 2 I follow already who are great but will definitely check out the other ones later today 🙂 (I have also messaged you via the form about advertising).
    I also agree re how quickly the months are going. Damn.

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