ad collaborative post // From those tiny nuts and bolts to your heavy hammers, it’s important to store your DIY tools in the correct fashion. Believe me, you’ll be thanking yourself for doing this when it comes to your next DIY project – because let’s face it, the actual project itself can be stressful enough.

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Here is a guide that outlines some rather clever tool storage ideas. Have a read of these below, and get ready to be crowned the king or queen of organisation! 

Use mason jars for nuts and bolts

When it comes to storing away the little things, mason jars are a godsend. These containers would be the perfect home for your delicate nuts and bolts. For easy access, be sure to place your jars on an open shelf. Want to be extra clever? You may want to screw the lids of your jars to your shelf to allow your jars to stylishly hang off – now that is some impressive tool organisation!

Custom foam toolbox storage

Ever heard of foam sheets for toolboxes? If not, then be prepared for your storage game to be upgraded! Technically speaking, custom foam technology provides an easy and effective solution to any messy toolbox or drawer. Simply place your tools on your foam sheet and carefully trace around each item with a sharp knife. After that, you’d want to peel back your layers of foam to create as much depth as possible for your tool. Finally, place your equipment in their traced out compartments and then voila – safe, hassle-free and innovative tool storage at your disposal!

Create ‘tool zones’ in your cabinet

If you already have a tool cabinet, it would be a good idea to create zones in this storage space for you to better identify your specific items. To do this, you simply need to gather all of your tools and sort them into categories, e.g. power tools, small hand tools, miscellaneous items, and so on.

Then, assign designated spaces to each of these tool categories in your cabinet. Depending on the kinds of tools you have, you may decide you want to get away from the big cabinet and create a wholly separate storage area for what you’re working with.

A DIY wall storage system

Why keep those tools hidden away when you can create an open-concept storage space in your workshop? Here, we’re talking about a DIY wall storage system – a creative take on the traditional pegboard! To make your display, gather a range of transparent containers and baskets and attach these onto an open wall. You can also attach a series of hooks to this for all of those larger items.

Make a separate home for all those awkwardly shaped items

In the wonderful world of DIY, you’ll find that each type of item you work with is different from the other and some will need a more catered storage solution. So, when it comes to your paint rollers and tubes of chalk, the best thing to do is to put these items in their own plastic container and place this on an open shelf. It would also be a good idea to label this container, just so you or anyone else knows what’s inside it.

Hang your tools

Hanging your tools is a great storage idea, especially if you’re looking to clear up your workspace or make more room in your toolbox. This type of storage solution provides a good visual reminder of the items you’re working with. What’s more, there are a variety of ways to hang tools on a wall, from the classic pegboard to slat boards. You may also want to use vertical and magnetic strips, as well as simple hooks.

Utilise the blank spaces

Struggling to find a suitable spot for all of those extra tools? Check the end of your cabinet or workbench and construct a mini storage station! These specific areas are ideal for storing basic tools such as screwdrivers. To create this, all you need is some wood or scrap metal and a drill to create the compartment holes.

Create a battery recharging station

Last but not least, your workshop just wouldn’t be complete without its own custom charging station! This station is best suited for all your power tools, as well as their batteries that can easily get lost. For ease of access, it’s best to position this station on your wall.

And there you have it! Eight hacks that will help you organise your DIY tools and transform the look of your entire workshop. When it comes to tool storage, the key is to be both practical and creative – you can end up with some pretty impressive storage spaces!

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