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Hello beautiful souls! It’s May already and I’m back with another one of my favourite posts to write and 8 incredible bloggers to share with you this May. My advertising packages have been super popular this year – with being booked up 4 months in advance sometimes! So I’m so thrilled that you enjoy reading them and purchasing them as much as I love creating them. Let’s meet this lot then, shall we?

My first advertiser needs no introduction and that’s the wonderful Kayleigh Zara. Kayleigh’s blog is THE PLACE to go if you need blogging advice, especially advice on Pinterest and affiliate marketing, which she seriously knows her stuff about. She’s been so helpful in helping me with some Pinterest things over the last month and she’s honestly one of the most helpful girls within the blogging community.

Posts from Kayleigh Zara I’d Recommend:

Next up, we have the lovely Gemma from A Little Bit Social. Although it’s a lifestyle blog where you’ll find a little bit of everything, Gemma is predominantly a lifestyle and family blogger where she shares posts, stories, tips and advice about family life – which can often be busy and stressful! Gemma’s blog is perfect for parent bloggers!

Posts from A Little Bit Social I’d Recommend:

Another one perfect for the mamma bloggers out there! My next advertiser is Claire Mac who’s runs her absolutely fantastic parenting and lifestyle blog. Claire is a super empowering Mum blogger who’s posts are always honest and informative and she’s a real incredible figure within the parenting blogging community!

Posts from Claire Mac I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is someone you’ll have seen before but I’m always happy to welcome back and that’s Goal of Happiness. A fab blog all about everything positive and motivating, to help you lead a happier and healthier life. And who doesn’t want that?! You’ll find a ton of fitness content, tips, mental health and self care and a bunch of good advice to help you make those positive changes!

Posts from Goals of Happiness I’d Recommend:

Hardly someone that needs an introduction next as she’s more of a big sister to me now than a blogger on the internet. Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook is one of my faves online because she’s so lovely and supportive. Her blog certainly has a little something for everyone, including health + wellness, gardening (she is an AMAZING gardener), parenting, beauty and more! I always enjoy reading Lisa’s blog!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend:

The next advertiser this month is The Thrifty Bride, a second blog from Lauren over at Laureny Loves. The Thrifty Bride is a beautiful blog about all things weddings. Particularly those who are looking to have a wedding on a budget and throw tradition out of the window to have a wedding that truly represents you!

Posts from The Thrifty Bride I’d Recommend:

You won’t want to miss my next advertiser: Funding Her Freedom is all about MONEY. Everything you’ll want to know about saving money or making money, you’ll find it here. Steph SERIOUSLY knows her stuff so you’ll certainly come away with a ton of new tips and tricks for saving and making money after delving into her blog! She also has an amazing FREE eBook on 50 side hustle ideas that you wont want to miss!

Posts from Funding Her Freedom I’d Recommend:

My final advertiser of the month but one I know so many of you will love is Plants and Good Vibes. Run by the lovely Dani, her beautiful blog is all about living a healthy, happy and Vegan life. With tons of incredible posts on Vegan food, Vegan travel, tips, tricks and more. This is a MUST-READ for anyone transitioning into a Vegan lifestyle or who wants to go more plant based!

Posts from Plants and Good Vibes I’d Recommend:

I hope you love my May advertisers as much as I do! Let me know where you’re heading first or which posts of theirs you’re going to read next!


  1. I love some of these ladies, and some of them are new to me so can’t wait to dig in and start reading! Kayleigh is a firm favourite and Claire is a very recent discovery I’ve turned to quite often these past few days x

  2. Super excited to be seeing some new faces here! Since The Thrifty Bride and Plants & Good Vibes both sound like creative souls sharing their life experiences, I look forward to exploring their spaces.
    Thanks for sharing a wholesome mix this May!

  3. I’ve already been a huge fan of several of these bloggers over the years – and it’s such fun to find more blogs to follow and read! Thank you for sharing these website owners with us!

  4. Thank you so much for having me back again, Jenny, and for your lovely words, I feel very honoured! Also, I’m in amazing company, I recognised (and love) quite a few of my fellow bloggers but a couple are new to me and I can’t wait to check them out shortly 🙂 xx

  5. I am following several of these bloggers and I would agree they’re amazing! I will definitely take a look at the others you’ve shared.

  6. Ah love posts like this where I can discover new bloggers, some new ones on here for me so will definitely be checking them out!

  7. I love how every month there’s always a couple that I know, but then ALWAYS a load of new people to go and explore who I’ve never come across. Link hopping time – thanks!

  8. Such a lovely collection of bloggers! I’m following most but hadn’t come across Plants And Good Vibes which sounds right up my street 💚

  9. I can’t wait to get reading these blogs. I know the majority of these bloggers already but your monthly advertiser posts allows me to bookmark amazing bloggers and devour their content over the month


  10. Great selection of bloggers! I want to go vegan a few days a week so will definitely be looking at plants and good vibes! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Some brilliant recommendations, especially since I find so many of them helpful currently! I could probably do with picking up some extra money tips too

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