AD collaborative post // If you’re looking for a gift idea, something to wear to the next family reunion, or an exciting addition to your wardrobe, consider joining the trend of matching clothes with your loved ones. It’s a versatile fashion game that you can take in any direction, from high fashion to humor.

There are countless ways you can approach this popular bonding activity, so here’s a brief guide to help you decide who you want to twin with, and what you’ll wear together.

Underwear With Your Boo

Starting at the innermost layer of your outfit: Couples underwear sets are all the rage for a reason. They’re comfortable, sexy, and body-positive, and there are lots of different styles and prints available to help you and your honey find a set you both love  — or, more likely, three or four sets.

You won’t be showing off your matching outfits at the park or grocery store as you might with other garments, but you can definitely take to social media with some cute pics.

T-Shirts With Your Dad

You and your dad may not have a lot in common when it comes to personal style, but everyone can pull off a comfortable, well-fitting t-shirt. With the power of the internet, there’s no image, witty saying, or band logo that you can’t have printed on a couple of t-shirts.

It may be a little corny, but if families of five can rock identical looks on a daily basis, you and your dad can wear matching tops to Sunday dinner.

PJs With Your Siblings

Matching pajama sets for the family are big for the holidays, but the excuse to get an adorable new set of loungewear is welcome all year round.

Pajamas are ideal for your siblings because they can bring forth warm nostalgia for your childhood with your family.

You’re probably glad now that you don’t have to share a bedroom with your siblings or jostle for time in the bathroom, but picking out a comfy pair of pants and button-down shirt with your sibs is a great way to remember the good times without reliving the squabbles of your youth.

Socks With Your BFF

In many ways, socks are like your best friend: They’re here for you every day, they provide necessary comfort and support, and they see some parts of you that you don’t want to show just anyone.

A twinning pair of socks for you and your bestie makes for a wonderful and inexpensive gift, and you can style them in different ways to keep them subtle or make them the highlight of your outfit.

Either way, there are enough options out there that you and your pal can land a couple pairs that look as good together as the two of you do.

Hats With Your Mom

What better way to let the world know your mom is the best than by saying so on an accessory that sits right above your face?

Celebrity parents like John Legend, Neil Patrick Harris, and Serena Williams have sported swanky garments with their kids, and though you may have fewer Instagram followers, there’s no reason you can’t join the fun.

If you’re spending time with your mom during the winter, the two of you might get beanies together, or if it’s spring or summer, a baseball cap for each of you will double as sun protection and a photo op.

There’s no denying that twinning with those you love is a cheesy look, but that’s part of what makes it such a fun and genuine show of affection.

If the day comes that you need to please everyone at once, the ideas outlined here can be layered so that you wear them all at once — you might look a little silly, but it’s all in the name of love.


  1. Love these ideas! We are huge fans of matching pj’s when it’s Christmas at home and it’s always great to shop for funny new ones around the holiday! Should also start matching socks x

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