ad collaborative post // It is safe to say that our wardrobes didn’t get much attention in 2020. From putting away your favourite going out dress, to investing in a few new loungewear sets, most of us went for comfort over fashion while staying at home. But with society slowly starting to reopen its doors again and plans on your social calendar starting to get closer, you may be wondering what to wear.

Many people are feeling anxious about returning to normal-ish life again, and one of the biggest concerns many of us face is having a look at our wardrobe after 12 months of tracksuits and pajamas. But do not panic. With our help you will be able to overcome your wardrobe slump, and side-step that style rut. The end of restrictions are in sight, and we are here to help you prepare your summer fashion outfits that will make you look and feel great while out in the world again!

Colourful Maxi Dress

The lockdowns we have all faced over the last year have had a huge impact on the clothes we wear. No matter how much of a social butterfly you were pre-lockdown, and how confident you felt with your existing fashion choices, finding the perfect outfit can now feel impossible. While your first reaction might be to wear something dark and unnoticeable, we recommend that you start off strong with a colourful maxi dress. They are an iconic addition to every summer wardrobe as they are so versatile and can be worn to any occasion.

Whether it is casual drinks with the girls during the day, or dinner and drinks at night, a colourful maxi is the perfect outfit. It is also one of those great garden party outfits that you can pair with a denim jacket to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

White Jeans and Sandals

If a dress just isn’t your kind of thing then you could also go for the classic white jeans and sandal combination. This is a super popular look for summer and even though none of us have been able to get away recently to top up our tan, the white jeans will help to make you look more tanned than you are. The best thing about this summer fashion look is that it is super comfortable and you can reuse the same look over and over again simply by switching out the top.

But don’t be afraid to be bold with your top, and even consider something striped to really bring out the summer vibes. But when it comes to choosing your sandals, make sure that you find a comfortable pair that will be comfortable long into the night!

Midi Skirt and Tank Top Combo

Midi skirts are looking to become increasingly popular for summer 2021 as they are both comfortable and look great. We recommend that you go for a colourful flowy midi skirt to ease you back in the world of going out clothes. But be sure to tuck in your favourite tank top. This can be your go-to throw on outfit and you can make it as bold or as subtle as you like.

So whether you are looking for an outfit for brunch with friends, or something to wear to an evening event, it is the perfect outfit option for any occasion. Don’t forget to accessorize this dress with some chunky jewellery and a summer hat for some protection from the sun.

A Slip Dress

A slip dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can ever have in your wardrobe and while it is an essential for summer, it is also something you can wear all year round. Not only is it great to go under your favourite dress to help you layer up in the winter. But in summer it can completely come into its own.

We recommend that you go for a silk slip dress and pair it with either your favourite sandals for a daytime look, or a pair of heels for the evening. A silk slip has never let us down yet, and you can always pair it with some jewellery and a clutch bag to give it that extra boujee vibe. It’s one of those dresses for ladies that everyone needs to have.


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While heading back into the real world can be anxiety provoking for a lot of people, by having a few staple pieces hanging in your wardrobe you can be reunited with friends and family while looking better than ever!


  1. It’s so long since I bought any new clothes! I have been discovering a few forgotten summer gems in my wardrobe lately though! As I hardly got dressed up last summer x

  2. I like the idea of a denim jacket. I have not had one in a very long time…it is nice to have something to put on in an air-conditioned place. (Sometimes, it is too cold! )

  3. I am not brave enough for white jeans but I really love the look. These are such cute outfit ideas. I’m looking forward to my summer shopping tip to refresh my wardrobe! Em x

  4. OMG! You basically wrote my closet, babe! haha In all seriousness, I absolutely love white jeans although I avoid them because I’m a clutz but I like midi skirts and slip dresses! Perfect outfits for a chic picnic with the girlfriends! Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn |

  5. These are such great summer fashion ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them! I’m excited for a new summer wardrobe now!

  6. I had to dress up for a job interview a couple weeks ago and it felt so weird! Let alone how hard it was to find something that still fit haha. My wardrobe definitely needs a refresh. Thank you for the outfit inspiration! 🙂

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