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I really have no idea how we’re 6 months into the year already. If anybody can understand, please explain it to me as it’s quite frankly, ridiculous. But as always, with a new month, comes new advertisers and I’m excited to share these 8 amazing bloggers with you today that you need to dive in to!

If you’re after some incredible content about sustainability, then this first advertiser is for you! Enviroline Blog has an incredible amount of content around everything sustainable and eco-friendly living. Her tips are also perfect for beginners to follow and those who are just stepping into a more sustainable way of living! Would highly recommend for beginner eco-warriors!

Posts from Enviroline Blog I’d recommend:

My next advertiser this month is the beautiful blog Faërie Lifestyle. A lifestyle blog that celebrates women, individuality and creativity and covers a huge range of wonderful and helpful topics, such as health, culture, travel and more. They also have an amazing shop full of beautiful and feminine planners, workbooks, presets and more!

Posts from Faërie Lifestyle I’d recommend:

Mama’s – this next one is for you! That Mama Club is a blog I love to read, despite not being a Mum nor expecting a baby. Which marks a really great blog in my opinion. That Mama Club is about all things motherhood. From pregnancy and birth, to homeschooling to recommendations and mental health and more!

Posts from That Mama Club I’d recommend:

The thing I love about this month’s advertisers is that they’re all so different! So next up we have the lovely Ang from Lose Weight With Ang. I love Ang’s blog because she discussed health, fitness and weight loss in a sensitive and sensible way. She provides really useful advice on eating disorders too, as she’s been there herself and aims to help encourage and inspire others!

Posts from Lose Weight With Ang I’d recommend:

I’ve worked closely with Guilia from Tidbits of Care over the last year or so on some coaching and I’ve loved watching her confidence and her blog grow. Tidbits of Care is all about wholesome self care content. Everything self care, crafts and wellness – you’re bound to find something you’re looking for on Guilia’s blog! Would highly recommend!

Posts from Tidbits of Care I’d recommend:

My next advertiser, The Wordy Habitat is one of my favourite blogs at the moment so I’m thrilled to have Sumedha advertising with me this book. Book lovers, you won’t want to miss this one. Sumedha’s beautiful blog mostly covers bookish content, with some blogging advice thrown in there too for good measure.

Posts from The Wordy Habitat I’d recommend:

My first premium advertiser of May is Zoe from Positive, Yet Cynical. Zoe is a relatively new blogger, only starting her blog in December last year and creates a lot of extremely real and honest content around mental health and her own experiences and journey. Zoe’s posts are really refreshing to read so would highly recommend to anyone who’s struggling, who might need a reminder that they’re not alone.

Posts from Positive, Yet Cynical I’d recommend:

And last but by no means least, the final advertiser for May is The Sunday Blogger. The Sunday Blogger covers all thing self care, beauty and wellness. Anything cozy and relaxing – like the perfect way to spend a Sunday – is what you’ll find on Zoe’s beautiful blog. I love my cozy and chilled out Sunday’s so I absolutely love the wholesome content that Zoe creates!

Posts from The Sunday Blogger I’d recommend:

Which of my May advertisers piques your interest? Which blog posts are you going to be checking out first? Let me know in the comments and send them some love!


  1. Love this post – it’s great to learn more about fellow bloggers and meet some bloggers that are new to me! Have noted a couple I’m going to check out further! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great list of bloggers! Thank you for sharing this! I love Environline blog as it’s so helpful for sustainability tips! I’m going to check out some of these blogs are they sound very interesting!

  3. Really love to find new blogs to read from! I am already familiar with most of them and glad to see them up here, so going to check out The SUnday Blogger x

  4. I love soo many of these blogs already. That Mama Club is one I read multiple times a week. Can’t wait to get to know these bloggers better over the course of June!


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