It’s Julyyyyy. I swear, I remember writing LASY YEAR’S July advertisers post and it felt like two weeks ago. Anyway, you know the drill by now. New month, new advertisers. And I’m BUZZING to introduce you to this lot because I have 9 (!) amazing bloggers to share this month AND there are a ton of my favourites in here and blog’s that I’ve been reading for a lot time and love already. So I know you’ll just eat them up. Ready?

The first advertiser I am thrilled to introduce you to this month is Lindsey from A Rambling Reviewer. Lindsey has become an online pal and I’d love to meet up with her one day to hang out and chat books! If you’re a fan of sci-fi, historical fiction, dystopian and the odd Thriller, then Lindsey’s blog is DEFINITELY for you! Her book reviews are always so well thought out and detailed; you’ll never be short of a book recommendation again!

Posts from A Rambling Review I’d recommend:

Next up, it’s the lovely Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook. Everyone’s online big sister. At least, that’s how she feels to me! Lisa is one of the loveliest and most supportive people on the planet and her blog is so wholesome and a lovely place to be. There’s something for the parents, something for the book lovers, something for the beauty boffins, something for the gardeners and much more!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d recommend:

Christina from Iconic Magazine Online is another repeat advertisers this month but I haven’t featured her in a while so I’m glad I can jog your memory of this great blog and show you some of her newer posts to check out! If you love your travel, this one is for you. There’s tons of amazing posts showcasing some beautiful locations and experiences. As well as some lifestyle and true crime thrown in there for good measure!

Posts from Iconic Magazine Online I’d recommend:

We have a new advertiser next, YAY! I’m thrilled to welcome Nicole from Nicole Navigates. Nicole’s blog is all about exploring what’s right on your doorstep. Based in Northamptonshire, Nicole shares posts, guides, recommendations on things to do, see, eat, buy – everything – in Northamptonshire! Although an incredibly niche blog, for anyone looking for staycation ideas or anyone around the Northamptonshire area looking for some hidden gems, Nicole is your gal!

Posts from Nicole Navigates I’d recommend:

Another one of my absolutely favourite people on the internet next and that’s Claire from Our Favourite Jar. Claire had a bit of a lengthy blogging break this year and I’ve really missed reading new posts from her. But for anyone that isn’t familiar with Claire, this is a great chance to catch up on some of her oldies but goldies! Claire is one of the loveliest people I know and I’ve fallen in love with her blog and writing style since she came on the scene!

Posts from Our Favourite Jar I’d recommend:

Another one of my favourites? How lucky am I this month? Nyxie’s Nook is my next advertiser and she is THE PLACE to go for content around mental health, eating disorder recovery and wellness. Her posts are always so informative, well thought out and researched that they’re either going to 1) help you or 2) allow you to learn something. She’s also a super talented illustrator and creates these amazing pet portraits!

Posts from Nyxie’s Nook I’d recommend:

I’m thrilled to have Hannah from A Cup of Wonderland as my next advertiser as I feel like I’ve been reading her blog forever! Wholesome bookish content is a good way to describe Hannah and her beautiful blog which consists of reviews, round ups, bookish bakes, mental health and more. I’m going to have a really hard time narrowing it down to 3 of my favourites below because I want you to just go and read ALL of Hannah’s bookish posts!

Posts from A Cup of Wonderland I’d recommend:

For everything self love, self care, self growth, all about YO’SELF, then my next advertiser is the one for you. Introducing Cher Belle. I’ve been a lover of this blog for SO LONG. The topics, the aesthetic and Nons herself, who’s just a beautiful person. If you’re a fan of the topics I write about on this blog then you will absolutely love Cher Belle too, so definitely one to get stuck into today!

Posts from Cher Belle I’d recommend:

Got enough room for one more? Oh, go on then. My final advertiser for July is Charlotte from Simply Together (previously known as Simply Lottie). For everything slow living, sustainability and living consciously, as well as parenting, food and a little travel, Simply Together is the place you want to be. Simply Together is SUCH a beautiful blog, from the aesthesis to the content to the photography and more. This has definitely made me want to look into slow living more!

Posts from Simply Together I’d recommend: 

Phew! That was a long one! I hope you’re still here and are excited about checking out some of these amazing bloggers this month! Let me know who you’re keen to have a peek at!


  1. Happy July Jenny! This looks like an awesome list, and I can’t wait to check out the blogs and posts that are new to me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I could not have picked a better month to advertise. These are most of my absolute favourite people.

    Thank you as ever for your lovely words.

    I’ll probably be back over the 6 week holidays to bore you to tears 🥰😘

  3. Oooh some amazing ones this month! I’m already familiar with and enjoy some of these blogs, but there’s plenty new ones for me to visit too. I always look forward to your monthly advertisers post x

  4. What an amazing group of bloggers! I love your monthly advertiser posts, it helps me find so many new bloggers to follow. I already know a few of these bloggers and I can’t wait to give them all some love!


  5. So happy to be back advertising with you Jenny, and thank you for your lovely words! I’m in amazing company as always, with so many of my favourites in here as well as a few new ones. Looking forward to a leisurely browse around everyone’s blogs this month 🙂 xx

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