ad collaborative post // The organization of the holidays starts at a fast pace! Whether for short excursions or multi-day trips, one thing is for sure: the hotel search is a must! The journey may be essential and not the destination. Still, one can not deny that the environment that will host you for some days is important, especially when this environment is the beautiful country of Greece, with its incomparable beauty and its excellent climate in famous and not-so-famous places.

So that you do not have to bother looking for hours or even days or weeks for a hotel or room in Greece, we have collected all the tips for you to make the hotel search for a toy! Learn how you can easily and quickly find the best hotel for you in a few steps and on the budget you want!

Explore the place you are going to visit

Before all the actions you will do, it is essential to know what is the place you will visit and what you want to do. For example, if you visit a Cycladic island, it is worth staying in Chora to have it all concentrated most of the day. Conversely, if you visit a larger island and do not have transportation, you may want to stay by the sea for easy access to the sea. The same goes for winter destinations; you will need to stay within city walls to have it all closed unless you want seclusion and romantic moments in a remote chalet. Check the destination areas and note 2-3 in your list that you prefer to stay.

Do not just stay in the search engines

You have to admit that the first thing you do to find a hotel is to click a lot on the famous hotel search engines, such as the Hurry Greek page, where you can find a vast range of budget hotels for your holidays in Greece. The truth is that there you will often find some offers, which guarantee you one of the most economical and quality solutions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for private rooms, traditional houses or even luxurious accommodation with low budget character in the area of your choice, search engines are not one way. As you may have noticed, they do not cooperate with all the hotels, and most of them are located in two specific areas of the island.

Still, most of the time, they do not have rooms available, when in fact they do exist! How will you find out? 8 out of 10 times, there is room to be booked. But of course with a phone in the same hotel. Do a hotel search on the municipalities’ websites, which provide a lot of information about all the hotels and look in the maps also for the hotel pins.

Search for offers via email

Of course, you will send an email, not one, but many. Better to have sent to more than what you like hotels to have a complete picture of prices and availability. Especially if you are looking for a room or hotel in high season, it is a problem. So, you will manage to have a wide range of options for you and your company in the end.

Do a market research over the phone

After the first answers or even the rejections, you can use your phone to call and search for better options. It is the traditional way, but also the most effective. You ask everything, they answer you immediately and you may be able to secure some better prices or facilities, which the internet does not allow you (such as breakfast included, check in – check out at another time, bed selection, view, floor or even car rental and itinerary information).

Spending a little but substantial time searching for a hotel in this way, you will be thrilled with what hotels and rooms to let are among us that you have not understood for so long! Search engines are helpful, but they are definitely not the only way! Have a good exploration!

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