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Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it. IT’S AUGUST. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. Last week it was Christmas and now Summer is almost over. But I’m not going to freak out now (I’ll do that later), instead I’m going to jump straight into this post and introduce you to this months wonderful advertisers! Ready?

First up this month, we have Lindsey Brogan. I’ve known Lindsey online for a good while now, since I was talking about books. Lindsey’s blog now is the home of lifestyle content, including beauty, books, personal growth and more. I really enjoy Lindsey’s blog and I know that you will too! She’s also a volunteer Community First Responder for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service – so major respect to her for that, as well!

Posts from Lindsey Brogan I’d recommend:

My next advertiser for you this month is World, Meet Dani. Dani is an Adult Nursing student in London and is an absolutely sweetheart online – she’s really one of the lovely ones! On Dani’s blog, you’ll find lifestyle, beauty and travel but also helpful content around saving money, being a student, studying and being a student nurse! There are so many posts from Dani I’d like to link to here but here are 3 to get you started:

Posts from World, Meet Dani I’d recommend:

Next up is the ever so lovely Corinne from Skinned Cartree. I just adore Corinne’s blog; if you’re after some SERIOUSLY helpful blogging advice, then this is the place to be. BUT, she also creates a lot of content around parenting too, with the help of her son Leo, who is the cutest baby on Earth. She also has another new blog, Mum Making Money, which is all about how to make extra money online – which is such a great blog to check out too!

Posts from Skinned Cartree I’d recommend:

If you’re into your lifestyle and fashion, this next one is for you! My next advertiser this month is Molly Isabel, who has a range of posts about fashion, sustainability and lifestyle. Like me, she’s also lived with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and shared her full experience of it here, which I’d also definitely recommend reading! Molly is a Psychology student and also runs a Vintage Clothing Depop Shop!

Posts from Molly Isabel I’d recommend:

My final basic package holder this month is Cassie the Hag and for all my travel-loving readers, this is the one for you today! Cassie has an INCREDIBLE range of content around travel from all around the world, travel related posts, recommendations, itineraries, sustainable travel and much more. Cassie’s blog is perfect to read right now, if you’re looking for some travel inspiration for when it’s safe to travel again!

Posts from Cassie the Hag I’d recommend:

My first premium advertiser this month is the lovely Lisa from The Procrastinating Mum. Lisa is a wonderful blogger and person online. Another must-read parenting blogger for all my parent readers. Lisa writes some super honest and important posts particularly about mental health and fertility which could be incredibly helpful to a lot of people who struggle with similar things. I’d highly recommend checking out Lisa’s blog this month!

Posts from The Procrastinating Mum I’d recommend:

And finally, we have Sunshine Sarah. Sarah shares a lot of fab content around positivity, self love and self growth, including her own weight loss journey, eco-friendly swaps and Veganism! Sarah’s blog is all about spreading that little bit of joy and sunshine to her readers, which she absolutely does! If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s blog yet, I’d highly recommend starting with these posts below!

Posts from Sunshine Sarah I’d recommend:

I hope you enjoy checking out these amazing bloggers this month! Let me know which posts you’re most excited to read in the comments below!


  1. Typically, when I read advertiser posts like these, I recognize most – if not all – of the names. This time, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to only know two of them! I can’t wait to check out the rest and e-meet some other bloggers!

  2. Great list here! I love Corinne’s blog – it’s so helpful for blogging tips – and I’d love to check out Cassie’s for some travel inspiration! Thanks for sharing x

  3. There are a few here that I’ve not yet followed or read! I’ll get right on that. It was an honor working with you last month Jenny. Definitly a wonderful advertising opportuinity.

  4. Amazing suggestions! There are some new bloggers I haven’t seen yet, so I will definitely check out their website! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I looove this time of the month where you share your top blogs! I actually haven’t heard of some of these bloggers so I can’t wait to check them out!

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