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Excuse me whilst I scream. despite Autumn being everyone’s favourite month, I wasn’t expecting it to come around QUITE so quickly, were you? I’ve already had my first PSL and have been planning for Christmas. I swear last Christmas was like, 10 days ago? Anyway, here we are, another month, which means new advertisers. I have 9 amazing bloggers to introduce you to today, so get stuck in!

First we have Madeline Wilson-Ojo and I’m thrilled to have Madeline advertising with me this month because although I didn’t discover her blog THAT long ago, I’ve quickly come to absolutely love it. And if you’re not familiar with Madeline’s blog, I know you will too. Especially if you love books and are keen to discover more books by black authors.

Posts from Madeline Wilson-Ojo I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser needs no introduction but here I am, introducing you anyway! Lisa’s Notebook is an online pal, a wonderful human and a fab blogger. She talks about beauty, books, lifestyle, parenting and gardening on her blog, so a little something for everyone. Lisa is one of the loveliest souls and a blog definitely worth checking out this month if by some chance you’ve not met her yet!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend: 

This next advertiser is incredible and perfect for you if you love beauty and skincare. Rayo from The Alcyone is incredibly knowledgeable about beauty, skincare and the ingredients that go into the products we use on our skin. I’ve learnt so much from Rayo’s blog, so if you have any skincare questions, this is the one for you!

Posts from The Alcyone I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is great and if you enjoy my blog, then you’ll love the topics she writes about too! Namaste Sarcastic is a wellness and self care blog that also covers topics like mental health and personal growth. Samantha injects her witty sense of humor into her posts and shares things she’s learned from personal experience with her readers.

Posts from Namaste Sarcastic I’d Recommend: 

My next advertiser is a blogger I love and who’s just an absolute babe too and that’s Rosie from Love Rosiee. Rosie’s beautiful, girlie blog is full of content about beauty and skincare as well as lifestyle around the town of Windor and the odd post sharing blogging and social media tips, helpfully from someone that works in blogger outreach! 

Posts from Love Rosiee I’d Recommend:

A new advertiser for you next, so hopefully a wonderful new blog for you to get stuck into this month and that’s Growing With Spawn, run by Michelle, who’s a millennial working Mum, sharing content around well-being, life, mental health and just general adulting! As someone that’s just turned 29 but still feels 12, this sounds perfect for me!

Posts from Growing With Spawn I’d Recommend:

For the first premium advertiser this month, we have Sunshine Sarah. Sarah shares a lot of fab content around positivity, self love and self growth, including her own weight loss journey, eco-friendly swaps and Veganism! Sarah’s blog is all about spreading that little bit of joy and sunshine to her readers, which she absolutely does! If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s blog yet, I’d highly recommend starting with these posts below!

Posts from Sunshine Sarah xo I’d Recommend:

The Grumpy Olive is my next advertiser to introduce you to this month and I absolutely ADORE these girls blog and I know a lot of other people do, too. So if you’re not familiar with The Grumpy Olive, then it’s definitely one to check out this month, especially if you’re into content around food, recipes, book, sustainability and seasonal content!

Posts from The Grumpy Olive I’d Recommend:

And finally, another new blog to introduce you to which I think you’ll absolutely love and that’s Happy Is. A wonderful blog run by Rebecca, dedicated to positivity and simplicity. You’ll find content around money and money saving tips, travel, well-being and lifestyle and particularly wonderful posts about simple living!

Posts from Happy Is I’d Recommend:

Those are my advertisers for this month! I hope you love them as much as I do. Which blogs and blog posts will you be checking out first? Let me know!


  1. I know Cristina commented already, but I just had to add that I’m on a PSL roll and I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like Christmas has just been and gone! Thank you for the kind words and for having us, it’s a pleasure to be among some of the best blogs around! X

  2. I’m familiar with Rosie, Lisa, Sarah, and The Grumpy Olive! They’re wonderful bloggers 😀 I need to check the rest because they’re new to me. Thanks for sharing Jen x

  3. Oh Jenny! Lol I thought I was the only one thinking that autumn and this year in general is going by so fast. Tbh, it feels like September came yesterday and now we are in October!!!!! Crazy AF lol. You have a lot of fab bloggers here this month. I don’t know a couple of them. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  4. This year definitely flew by! I am so glad we are in such a great company this month and to see some of my favourite blogs featured! Thank you for you kind words about us Jenny, hope this month will be great x

  5. Hi Jenny,

    That looks like another great collection of bloggers. Some I’m already familiar with, like Lisa and the Grumpy Olives (sounds like a good name for a band!!). Others, I’ll need to take a look at.

  6. You have some incredible bloggers featured this October, some I already know and love, and some that are completely new to me. Will definitely be checking everyone’s blogs out now!x

  7. Great post – thanks for introducing these blogs. I also love reading posts from some of them, but will also check out the new ones 🙂

  8. There are so many great bloggers this month & I love Lisa’s, Rosie’s & The Grumpy Olive blogs! There are a couple of new blogs I’ll definitely check out!

  9. What a great post and there’s some I will defo check out for sure! I really do love The Grumpy Olive. Their content is awesome, and I like their casual writing style, almost like they’re sat having a conversation with you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Thank you, Jenny, I’m so happy to be advertising with you again and what a glowing write up! I can see I’m in really good company again, as always, with a few bloggers I already know and love and some new blogs to check out as well. Here’s to a great month ahead 🙂 xx

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