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Hey pal! Happy February! How’s your year going so far? January was… yeah. I’ll leave it at that. I’m just glad it’s February now and we’ve got that first month of the year in our pocket and behind us. But anyway, another month means more advertisers, so buckle up and come and meet my 8 wonderful advertisers for February!

My first advertiser for you this month is Clem, from Clem Loves. Not only does Clem have the most gorgeous photos on her blog, she also talks about a range of amazing topics which I absolutely love such as self-help, wellness, books and more! If Clem’s blog isn’t love at first sight for you, then I don’t know what will be! Clem is such a sweetheart as well, do definitely one to check out!

Posts from Clem Loves I’d recommend:

Next we have Sarah from Sunshine Sarah. Sarah shares a lot of fab content around positivity, self love and self growth, including her own weight loss journey, eco-friendly swaps and Veganism! Sarah’s blog is all about spreading that little bit of joy and sunshine to her readers, which she absolutely does! If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s blog yet, I’d highly recommend starting with these posts below!

Posts from Sunshine Sarah I’d recommend:

The Grumpy Olive need no introduction and I absolutely ADORE these girls blog. I know a lot of other people do, too and they’ve become a firm favourite in the blogging world! So if you’re not familiar with The Grumpy Olive, then it’s definitely one to check out this month, especially if you’re into content around food, recipes, book, sustainability and seasonal content!

Posts from The Grumpy Olive I’d recommend:

Ready for another one? My next advertiser is Sophie from This Brilliant Day! This Brilliant Day is a lifestyle and personal development blog but covers everything from self care, food, well-being, books, exercise, mental health and TONS more. You’ll never be short of something great to read on Sophie’s blog!

Posts from This Brilliant Day I’d recommend:

My next advertiser is Amber from The Unpredicted Page, an utterly beautiful blog covering well-being, blogging tips and personal growth. Amber also has a lot of great content about manifestation and crystals which is SO helpful for beginners and her blogging advice content is absolutely mega for new bloggers too!

Posts from The Unpredicted Page I’d recommend:

Next is Just Coralle, a great blog with a lot of wonderful lifestyle, wellness and sustainability content to delve into! From sustainable swaps to make around the home, to reviews of eco-friendly beauty products as well as relationship content thrown in for good measure, Just Coralle is definitely a great blog to check out this month!

Posts from Just Coralle I’d recommend:

For anyone into spirituality, THIS is the blog for you today! Influential Gals is a new age blog, dedicated to helping women develop their intuition and become more spiritual. You’ll find posts relating to numerology, crystals, Zodiac signs, angel numbers and more and this super beautiful and inspirational blog will definitely become a must-read!

Posts from Influential Gals I’d recommend:

And finally, we have Vourneen from The Plain Simple Life blog. You’ll find a ton of wonderful posts on her blog on topics such as sustainability, minimalism, organization, intentional living and all that GOOD stuff! Her blog seriously inspires me and makes me want to strip things back and live a more simple life – I’m sure it’ll do the same for you too!

Posts from The Plain Simple Life I’d recommend:

There we are! My 8 wonderful advertisers for February. Please take some time to check them out and read their posts, they’re all absolutely brilliant and you really won’t regret it!

Do you read any of these blogs? Which ones are you going to check out first? Let me know!


  1. January was indeed quite “yeah” haha. I agree with that sentiment entirely. It was so much fun to read through your list of advertisers. There are so many new names on this list – and a few familiar ones as well. It was such a pleasure advertising with you a few months ago. I’m thinking I need to do that again 😉

  2. Some of my very favourite bloggers here! I haven’t heard of This Brilliant Day yet but I’m headed over to read the post about sleep right now! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    1. I am wishing everyone a great February!

      Some of these bloggers I haven’t checked out yet and I will. Also some of my firm faves on this list!

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