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Hey chum! How are you? Welcome back to my monthly advertisers post. My God am I glad to see the back of February. I can’t wait for some warmer days, some more sunshine and all the joys of Spring. Can you? Let’s kick off the better part of the year with these 7 wonderful new advertisers!

Share To Inspire is a wonderful blog and if you enjoy Jenny in Neverland then you’ll definitely enjoy Alita’s blog too. From personal growth, to finances, to relationships, if you need something that’s going to help you grow as a person in some aspect of your life, then this is the one for you! Her blog is absolutely stuning too!

Posts from Share To Inspire I’d Recommend:

Fashion and beauty bloggers, this one’s for you! Overdressed Blogger was a giveaway winner, when I ran a little giveaway earlier in the year to win an advertising package with me and I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you all to her! She has some seriously good fashion content as well as beauty and skincare content – which I love. Definitely one to check out today if you haven’t already!

Posts from Overdressed Blogger I’d Recommend:

The Grumpy Olive is a blog that everyone has come to know and love and is genuinely one of my firm favourites, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to Christina, Fred and Simona, who run this wonderful blog! You’ll find a LOT of yummy looking recipes and food related content (which always leave my mouth watering) as well as books and travel. What’s not to love?

Posts from The Grumpy Olive I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser is someone that I need to seriously dive into myself and that’s Brit Voyage. The lovely Georgia is from Essex (my neck of the woods!) and is passionate about UK travel and shares all her UK recommendations on her blog. From city breaks to coast and country, with a bit of lifestyle, parenting and books thrown in there too. If you need any staycation recommendations, Georgia is the one for you!

Posts from Brit Voyage I’d Recommend:

This advertiser is another that needs no introduction but I’d better do one anyway just in case by some chance you’re not familiar with Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook! Lisa is one of my faves online because she’s so lovely and supportive. Her blog certainly has a little something for everyone, including health + wellness, gardening (she is an AMAZING gardener), parenting, beauty and more! I always enjoy reading Lisa’s blog!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend:


If you’re into your lifestyle and fashion, this next one is for you! My next advertiser this month is Molly Isabel, who has a range of posts about fashion, sustainability and lifestyle. Like me, she’s also lived with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and shared her full experience of it here, which I’d also definitely recommend reading!

Posts from Molly Isabel I’d recommend:

I hope you’ll enjoy checking out my advertisers this month! Who are you going to read first? Let me know!


  1. First off, thank you for having us! We love advertising with you and we love coming back often! Now we’re off to read all of our fellow advertees and especially mindfulnessa as I’ve never heard of her before!

  2. Lovely to be back with you again, Jenny, it always feels like coming home! As always, I’m in fab company – some of my fellow bloggers I recognise, a couple are new to me. Here’s to a great month for all of use! xx

  3. So many amazing bloggers. They are a few amazing bloggers that I have not heard of, I will definitely check them out. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great list of blogs! Molly Isabel’s decluttering post is very inspiring! March is the perfect time to put things in order and declutter. That way, you can make room for something new in your life!

  5. It is so fun to see new people popping up in the blogosphere who are writing about topics close to them! Thanks for sharing a post with a balance of writers I know and bloggers I have yet to connect with. 🙂

  6. Most of these are new to me and I’m really excited to check out their blogs! Awesome list of bloggers!

  7. This is a fantastic group of bloggers this month! I’m not familiar with Mindfulnessa so I’ll have to check out her posts you recommend!

  8. Thank you Jenny for your kind words! Excited to see what your readers will say. And I’ll definitely explore the other 6 bloggers, they sound fantastic. Sending love

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