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Happy June! We’re officially halfway through the year, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. If the answer if yes, then you’re definitely lying. There is no way on Earth it’s normal for a year to go this quickly. Regardless, the Earth continues to turn and here we are, another month down the line. I hope May was kind to you and you’re enjoying the sunshine and the start of Summer. But now, let’s check out my June advertisers!

My first advertiser to introduce you to this month is the lovely Amanda from Mumtastic Life. Amanda is a certified natural therapist  and homeschooling momma to two free spirited boys. She helps other moms to live joyfully, with intention and freedom. Amanda shares so much heartfelt content that I’m sure other Moms will find so relatable. Definitely one to read!

Posts from Mumtastic Life I’d Recommend:

Next up, we have Dispeller, a wellness blog dedicated to curiosity, shattering illusions, and being true to yourself. Dispeller is run by Laura and she shares a lot of incredible content that covers many basis of wellness including posts about living with a narcissist and how to protect yourself in that situation. A great blog and worthwhile read.

Posts from Dispeller I’d Recommend:

The Grumpy Olive is a blog that everyone has come to know and love and is genuinely one of my firm favourites, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to Christina, Fred and Simona, who run this wonderful blog! You’ll find a LOT of yummy looking recipes and food related content (which always leave my mouth watering) as well as books and travel. What’s not to love?

Posts from The Grumpy Olive I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is Simply Alex Jean, a blog that I love already and a wonderful, kind, beautiful blogger behind it too. Alex is a lifestyle blogger with a lot of content also around well-being, health, organization and chronic illness. Not only that, Alex also offers her own Pinterest Management services, which are definitely worth looking into if you need help with Pinterest! But she has a ton of free amazing content around Pinterest and growing your blog and business too.

Posts from Simply Alex Jean I’d Recommend:

This next advertiser needs no introduction and that’s Sunshine Sarah. Sarah shares a lot of fab content around positivity, self love and self growth, including her own weight loss journey, eco-friendly swaps and Veganism! Sarah’s blog is all about spreading that little bit of joy and sunshine to her readers, which she absolutely does! If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s blog yet, I’d highly recommend starting with these posts below!

Posts from Sunshine Sarah I’d Recommend:

Next we have Nyxie’s Nook. One of my favourite bloggers and people on the internet. Chloe is so wonderful and supportive and an incredible voice in the mental health community. For content around self care, well-being, mental health and eating disorder recovery, Chloe is the one you want to go to. She’s such a hard-working blogger and deserves all the views and she’s just generally and absolute sweetheart who always looks absolutely rockin’.

Posts from Nyxie’s Nook I’d Recommend:

And my final blogger to introduce you to and that’s the lovely Kelly from The Kelly Diane Report. Kelly talks about everything from beauty, books, food and fashion. But also has posts on everything from charity to gift guides to her love of aviation. There really is something for everyone on Kelly’s blog so definitely one I’d recommend checking out today!

Posts from The Kelly Diane Report I’d Recommend:

I hope you enjoy checking out these wonderful bloggers this month! Let me know in the comments who you’re heading to next!


  1. So many great bloggers here! I will have to check out the ones I don’t know well yet. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You’ve shared a really great mix of bloggers here lovely! Some I already follow and love and some who I’ll be following now and giving their posts a read. I always say this but I do love these posts every month as I love finding new people to follow/read. Thank you so much for sharing with us Jenny Xo

    Elle –

  3. Curiosity is definitely getting the better of me so I’ll be having a gander over at Dispeller. Although I worry I’ll go down a rabbit hole as the three posts you recommended sound very intriguing just from the titles! 🙂

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