ad // As a woman, it’s important to dress sexy. But not too sexy. To be natural but make an effort. To be skinny but to ensure we have curves in all the right places. To work hard in the gym but not get *too* bulky. Do you see where I’m going with this? Societal pressures make it nigh on impossible for women to feel connected to what really matters.

When we have so many tick-boxes to check, how do we actually get back to the root of who we are, what brings us joy and how to be authentically and unapologetically ourselves?

We put our middle fingers up to those societal expectations. And luckily, that’s exactly what Sundaise, the wonderful brand I’m about to introduce you to in this post does as well. Although with much less explicit actions.

Who are Sundaise?

Sundaise are an womens workout clothes active-wear, loungewear and lifestyle brand that stand for authenticity in all its forms. They sell a range of colourful, bold and comfortable clothing, from leggings and t-shirts, sports bras and hoodies. They prioritize comfort and sustainability as well as inspiring and empowering people to wear what they want, when they want because it makes THEM feel good.

What are their main goals and ideas?

Sundaise are a brand that really promote self love and if you’ve been around here for long enough, you’ll know that I’ve been on my own self love journey for quite some time. It’s something I still struggle with but something that’s a continual work-in-progress for me. So the messaging that Sundaise promotes are PERFECT for anyone on a similar journey:

  • They’re all about being AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Something I can massively get on board with
  • Movement because it feels good – not as an end goal or to please some outside expectation
  • Being uncompromising in who we are and what we enjoy
  • Forgetting about what society, the media or other people think we *should* look like

Even their name ‘Sundaise’ comes from the idea that Sunday is the day of the week where there’s no expectations, no work, no pressure. Just a day for you – to do whatever feels right, natural and authentic. Whether that’s reading a library book, having afternoon tea, going for a walk, napping for a couple of hours or doing a restorative Yoga practice.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it in comfort. So, with all that being said, here are 6 spectacular reasons to check out Sundaise in a nutshell:

Their prints are super freaking cute

Just take a look and some of their prints. Cute right? I love bright and bold activewear sets for women. It makes me feel better about myself and tends to make my workouts and Yoga practices more fun. I love the white print and the checkered leggings!

They prioritize high-quality and sustainable clothing

But cutting, stitching and printing their items to order, instead of making them in bulk. They can promise they’re reducing waste and carefully making high-quality, trusty-favourite type pieces that you can wear over and over, instead of haling piles of clothes sitting in a warehouse.

Comfort is key

They’re all about comfort and creating quality pieces that will aid you in achieving that ultimate comfort level, whatever you’re doing. Whether that’s a full HIIT workout or eating pizza on the sofa.

Perfect clothing for Yoga

For me, a Yoga practice and my Yoga mat is the ultimate place to be myself. To connect with myself. To block out the noise and go inward. We want to FEEL amazing when we do that, so Sundaise clothing is a great choice for those who love Yoga!

Their leggings contain 4-way stretch

That’s a LOT of stretch in a pair of leggings, which is BRILLIANT and always what I need. Their leggings are designed to move with you and also contain moisture wicking fabric which absorbs moisture and dries quickly in the case of a sweaty gym session.

They promote great messages about self love

I’m always down for supporting a brand which does that. I love that so many brands are helping to flip the script of what society and the media have been cramming down our throats since the age of time. Go you!

So I’m already a big fan of Sundaise and I can bet you probably are too after reading that! You can find their full collection here. And remember, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t wear. Be authentically you – always.

What do you think of Sundaise after reading this? Do you love brands that portray those positive messages about self love?

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  1. Great post! I’ll make sure to check Sundaise out. I loved how they portrayed self-love and I’m eager to see how their message shines through their products. Moreover, you’re on a self-love journey too? Great, I have to check it out because everyone needs all the support they could get throughout this journey. I also subscribed to your email list, hopefully, I can find encouraging content there too. All the love <3

  2. Love the messaging behind the brand. What a unique name. Love the thought of Sundays being your day of no expectations, to do what you want. I hope more brands in the future will change around their messaging to support authenticity, self-love and freedom of expression. Great review.

  3. Oh these sets look incredible super comfy! I also love their brand name incorporates the idea of Sunday and self care 🙂 So cute!

  4. I love the name “Sundaise”! They look like a great brand with an awesome message. Sundays are all about comfort, self-care and relaxing which I love!

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