ad // When it comes to sending your child to nursery, it’s so important to find the right one for them. This is likely the first time you’ll be sending your child off into the care of other people for longer periods of time, multiple times a week, so for the sake of both parents and child, you need to get it right.

There are plenty of factors you might want to consider when it comes to choosing a nursery for your child and at first, it might seem quite overwhelming. Depending on where you are in the country, you’re going to want to find one in a prime location and also find the best nursery in Nottingham or wherever you’re based!

So in this post we’re going to go through some basic things to consider when you come to find a nursery for your child. Of course, these are only the very starting points for things you should consider but as they say, you have to start somewhere!

Do your research and narrow down your options

Research is important when choosing any establishment which is going to have an impact on yours or your child’s life. And a nursery certainly will. Before you go to see any nurseries, do your own research and write a list of those you want to look into further. This will give you a good starting point.

Go to see the nursery first 

Next is actively going to see the nursery. You might want to take two visits, the first on your own without your child and once you’re more comfortable with the nursery, take your child for a second visit to see their reaction too. But, you’re the parent, so YOU need to be satisfied with the establishment, the building, the staff and more.

Find a nursery that’s registered with Ofsted

If it’s not been mentioned during your research and it’s not obvious when you actually go and visit the nursery, you’re going to want to find out whether it’s been registered with Ofsted. You might also want to ask to see a most recent Ofsted report from the nursery as well, to ensure your child will be getting the best care.

Location, location, location

Location is probably something that will need considering quite early on in the decision making process. It might be helpful to consider nurseries close to your home (if you work from home or if you’re not back to work) or perhaps a nursery near you or your partners work place. Or even near a relative, so you know there’s always someone nearby if anything should occur.

Ask questions

Ask all the questions you need and don’t think that anything is a silly question. You might want to ask some preliminary questions via email first and then take a list of more in-depth questions to ask during your visit. If it isn’t obvious on the nursery website or when you visit, you might want to ask about food, play equipment, safety and more.

Observe the nursery staff and surroundings

As well as asking important questions, sometimes, just observing what’s happening around you can be a great indicator as to whether this is the nursery for your child or not. Watch the children there. Are they happy and laughing? What are the staff serving for dinner? Do the staff look happy and relaxed?

Take advice from other Mother’s 

If you’re really struggling to make a decision, it’s always worth getting advice from other mother’s who already have their child enrolled in a nursery. Word of mouth is a strong tool for recommendations!

Did your child enjoy their visit? If not, why? 

And when it comes to taking your child to the nursery for a visit before enrolling them, watch carefully and take cues from your child. You will know by now when they’re happy and enjoying themselves, so make sure they are and if they’re not, try and find out why and re-consider your choice.

What steps did you take when it came to enrolling your child in nursery?

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