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Hey pal, happy August. Can you believe it’s almost Autumn? This Summer went by SO fast and has certainly had a lot of ups and downs. But I hope we can all make the most of the final couple of months of warmer weather, school holidays and such before the final quarter of the year slaps us in the face. Before that though, let’s meet my August advertisers!

First on my list of advertisers for this month is Verity from Verity Sangan, who helps you to discover your teaching potential and turn your skills and knowledge into an online course. She has 15 years experience in adult and online education, has a ton of helpful blog posts, a podcast and her own courses to help YOU create the amazing course that your readers and followers need. If you’re a blogger or a business owner with a specific set of skills and feel like you could benefit from creating an online course, Verity is the one for you!

Posts from Verity Sangan I’d Recommend:

Next up we have lovely Tori, from Oh So T. Oh So T is a bit of everything blog, where you’ll find content around home and interiors, parenthood, self care and gift guides but you’ll also find a lot of food related content, like recipes and restaurant reviews which will leave your mouth watering!

Posts from Oh So T I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser is one for everyone who loves planning, bullet journaling and productivity. Bournemouth Girl covers all of those wonderful topics and more and is all about using organization and productivity to plan and create the life you want and love! She also creates additional content around wellness, self care and being eco-friendly too!

Posts from Bournemouth Girl I’d Recommend:

If you’re into your lifestyle and fashion, this next one is for you! My next advertiser this month is Molly Isabel, who has a range of posts about fashion, sustainability and lifestyle. Like me, she’s also lived with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and shared her full experience of it here, which I’d also definitely recommend reading!

Posts from Molly Isabel I’d recommend:

And one for the money savers, the money makers and the money lovers! My final advertiser for this month is Lisa from Dazzling Wealth. In case you hadn’t guessed, Dazzling Wealth covers all things MONEY. You’ll find budgeting tips as well as hacks for travelers and how to save money and improve your life in the well-being and minimalism space too. Definitely one to check out!

Posts from Dazzling Wealth I’d Recommend:

For all you pet lovers – specifically dog – this next advertiser will be PERFECT for you! Say hi to Britt from The Kas Pack. The Kas Pack is a blog dedicated to providing you with information and insights into what it’s like travelling with your pet. Britt shares personal stories and lessons learned from her own experiences to help you learn how to travel with your cat or dog!

Posts from The Kas Pack I’d Recommend:

And my final advertiser for this month is the lovely Louise Rose, a wonderful lifestyle blog covering travel, events, food, reviews and much more in the realm of lifestyle. Louise Rose is also a fantastic blog looking for York based recommendations if you’re ever in the area. Louise is a sweetheart, so definitely a wonderful blog to check out today!

Posts from Louise Rose I’d Recommend:

I hope you’ll enjoy checking out my advertisers for this month. Do send them some love and let me know in the comments which posts you’ll be reading today!


  1. It’s always great to check out the blogs you share! We have some common ones and let me tell you, what a discovery some of them have been! Thank you for doing this, it’s a brilliant way to discover new fellow bloggers!

  2. I am honored to be included with so many amazing bloggers on this list! I can’t wait to dig into their blogs and discover some new content, even with those that I was already following!

  3. Thank you for having me as an advertiser on your blog this month with a fabulous list of bloggers! I can’t believe we are in August already, this year is going so fast.


  4. Ooh it looks like you’ve got some amazing bloggers this month! I love Bournemouth Girl’s blog so much but I haven’t heard of any of the others – I’ll be sure to check them out! Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you have a wonderful August x

  5. It honestly baffles me how fast this year has flown by. I cannot believe we’re in august already. I’ve enjoyed the warmer weather but I’m defiantly looking forward to autumn now. You’ve shared some really great bloggers here lovely which I’ll for sure be checking out for myself. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Xo

    Elle –

  6. I’m included in such a wonderful bunch this month! Happy to be advertising with you throughout August & I’m excited to check out all the other blogs x

  7. You have some amazing blogs with you this month. I love Bournemouth Girl already, her journaling posts are wonderful. Dazzling Wealth is a blog I am definitely going to read as I do like budgeting.

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