ad collaborative post // If your partner has a special event coming up, there’s no better way to celebrate than throwing them a party. Whether it’s their birthday, you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary together, they’re having a baby, they got promoted, they finally retired or there is anything else meaningful going on in their lives, a party is always the best way to celebrate in style.

However, as a loving partner, it’s up to you to plan the ultimate party and what better way to make it memorable than to keep it a secret until the very last minute. 

While throwing a party for your partner is always great fun, making it a surprise is always better. Being there to watch their facial expression change in shock, their eyes open in delight and their excitement levels go through the roof are memories that you will cherish forever.

And, while your partner would definitely enjoy a regular party, throwing a surprise party also goes to show them just how much they truly mean to you. When they see how much effort you had to go to in order to keep everything hush during the planning, you can be sure that they truly will be overjoyed. 

Let’s take a look at a few simple tips and tricks to help you to plan the ultimate surprise party for your partner:

Choose A Venue

Before you do anything else, you need to ensure that you have a venue locked down. Throwing a surprise party can be difficult enough, however, when you don’t have a spot for your guests to hang out and hide before the person of the moment arrives, it will quickly spell disaster. In almost every situation, a party venue hire in London is always a better choice than a party at home.

Not only will it be central, easy to find and have everything that you need but it will also be much easier to get your other half to a party they don’t know about at an event rather than at home. What’s more, venues will be able to help with decorations, music, food, beverages and everything else you need, including the clean-up when all is said and done.

Create A Guest List 

Once you have a venue organised, the next thing that you will need to do is to draft a guest list. Drawing up a guest list can be tricky, especially when you are planning a party for someone else without their input. Of course, nobody knows your partner quite as you do. However, a little extra help from their best friend or friend group is never a bad idea.

There could be a little tension within the group, or something may have happened that you are blissfully unaware of. To ensure invite the right people, make sure to run the guest list past another set of eyes before signing off on it. 

Organizing Logistics 

A surprise party is a little more difficult to plan than a regular party, especially when it comes to logistics. For your efforts to have the biggest impact possible, you need to ensure that nobody is late, everyone knows where they are going and that each person coming to your surprise party is sworn to secrecy.

Setting up a WhatsApp or Facebook group for the event under a false name is a great place to start. Let people know when and where the party will be and what time they need to be there. It’s always wise to set the arrival time for your guests at least one hour before the person of the moment is due to show up to minimise the possibility of a last-minute disaster. 

Fabricate A Cover Story

Now that you have everything organised, the final thing that you need to do is get your partner dressed up and ready for a big night out, without letting them know that they are getting ready for their own surprise party.

The cover story you create will be key to the success of your party. You know exactly how inquisitive your partner is and the kind of questions they will be asking so make sure you prepare in advance and don’t get caught out at the final hurdle. 

Surprise Your Partner and Have a Memorable Night

The final and most fun part of the surprise is the great reveal at the end of all of the planning. Remember, that the closer your partner gets to the event, the higher the chance that they will catch on to what’s happening.

Whether someone left their car parked where it’s visible, a mate is seen sneaking in the back or your partner starts putting the pieces together for any other reason, this is not the time for delay. After all of your hard work, get your partner through those doors and enjoy the moment as they are met by roars of “Surprise!” from every direction.

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