ad collaborative post // Do you love the feel of crafted wood or are you the kind who prefers smooth stone when it comes to your flooring? With luxury vinyl flooring you can have either – but one thing that you won’t be divided on is the style, performance, and quality that it provides throughout your home in any room you wish.

The Look Says All

When you are choosing the look and feel of the room, how long you plan for that space to remain and how it looks plays a large part in your final choice.

Everything tends to change over time, from furniture to fittings to colour tones – so it’s a strategic move in making sure that your floor is for the long run. As a high-grade, long-lasting floor, Distinctive flooring is an investment in your home that backs up your concerns with proven results for its life.

Not only is the range among the most extensive, but it also caters to individual tastes like no other brand. Whether you go for stone or wood-styled vinyl, you are faced with many options from light and dark right through to timber if required – including design strips and borders to give a finish.


By employing the very latest technological innovations in vinyl, Distinctive provides a product that surpasses any expectation and durability that pushes the boundaries in terms of performance.

Encompassing layers of PVC backing, high definition photographic, clear PVC embossed wear layer and a protective coating, luxury vinyl flooring provides the ultimate in protection. And if any planks or tiles do experience damage you will find that vinyl is cheap and easy to replace without disrupting your floor

Children and pets will not pose a threat over the years due to the strength in being able to deal with the daily challenge of wear and tear that they present.

On top of all of this, you get the safe knowledge that vinyl provides safety against warping thanks to its moisture resistance, comfort due to its cushion-like quality, warmth thanks to its perfect bonding with underfloor heating, stable grip with anti-slip properties and it has no reliance on specialist cleaning products or a need to be sanded down much like real hardwood.

Choice in Installation

The only other real conflict you will face is whether to glue down or click together your flooring. Clicking together boards is a simple tongue and groove option that can be done within a few hours, whereas gluing down via the use of adhesive will take longer and may

require the use of a professional fitter in some cases. Depending on the room of choice you should always talk with your supplier for the best option and guidance.

All in all, with luxury vinyl flooring, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, you get a flooring option that works for you and provides your home with the right aesthetic choice.

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