collaborative post // For most of us in a long-term relationship, finding time for ourselves can be difficult. You spend all day at work at the behest of others then you come home and are expected to be a sounding board for your significant other. That can leave precious little time for yourself. Indeed, “me time” is one of the things we are finding less and less time for in this busy world.

But finding time for yourself is incredibly important as individual experiences can make us stronger and more well-rounded individuals. There’s nothing wrong with spending time with your loved ones but we can only be fully formed people if we can learn how to enjoy spending time with ourselves.

With that in mind, here are five things you might want to try to give yourself more time:

Take an hour every day

If you’re a naturally busy person that works all day then comes home and has a busy social life or hobbies to attend to, give yourself at least an hour a day to prioritize yourself. This can be anything from taking an hour before bed to read a book to settling down into a bath or even just playing a video game or sitting with your thoughts for a while.

Do things alone

For many of us, the idea of doing something fun by ourselves is quite an alien concept. But give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised how relaxing it can be to go shopping or go to an event by yourself without the pressure of entertaining another person. Holadares is a popular TikTok influencer that goes around London finding things to do by herself so watching her videos would be a good place to start.

Solo travelling

Solo trips can be a great way to get out and see the parts of the world that you want to see without having to please anyone else. If you find yourself taken by the nomadic travelling lifestyle you might even want to consider investing in a caravan. There are many affordable caravans for sale that could form the beating heart of your new solo adventures.

Spoil yourself

Buy yourself something you’ve been eyeing up for a while or treat yourself to a fancy coffee and a pasty for lunch. It doesn’t have to be a major thing, just something that makes you feel good. Even if you’ve had a bad day and you don’t think you are deserving of something special, do it because you made it through the day, and sometimes that can be reason enough.

Binge a good series

Finally, just sitting all day in your pyjamas, bingeing your favourite comfort show can do wonders for your mental health. Pair it with your favourite takeaway food and you might start to wonder why you didn’t start looking after yourself and your me time sooner!

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