ad collaborative post // If you’re struggling with a gift idea for your partner for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, we’ve got you covered. Why not gift something truly unique with an artisan gift? Here, we’ve pulled together our favourite artisan gift ideas that your partner will love.

Wine Tasting Experience

Wine tasting is the ultimate artisan gift idea for your wine-loving partner. It’s an experience that you can both enjoy which will give you long-lasting memories. Wine tasting is a relaxing, fun and engaging experience where you can really immerse yourself in beautiful locally made English sparkling wine.

Vineyards in Sussex are especially extraordinary in the craft of winemaking as the grapes are hand-harvested and whole-bunch-pressed before being patiently matured in the bottle.

A wine-tasting experience is an artisan gift unlike no other where you can enjoy an all-round experience from seed to shelf. Wine tasting caters to everyone as you enjoy the rich history and craft of delicate English wines.

Handmade Memory Book

One of the best artisan gift ideas that you can buy (or make!) is a handmade memory book. Many independent retailers excel at creating beautiful memory books with leather, cotton, or card backs. Personalise your memory book before filling it with photos of you and your partner, or your partner and his friends or family as a heartfelt gift that they can cherish forever.

Handmade memory books offer a continuous gift as you can continue to add memories to the book as they pass. Adding detailed snippets to each memory means you and your partner will never forget and displaying the book on your coffee table is a great conversation starter for when you have guests round. Handmade books are the perfect artisan gift for your sentimental partner!

Chocolate Making Experience

Chocolate making is another incredible experience that your chocolate-loving partner will enjoy thoroughly. Passionate chocolatiers will introduce you to the world of chocolate craft as you learn all about chocolate tempering, ganache, truffles and more. Artisan chocolatiers are incredibly immersed in the chocolate world and would love you to join them.

During your chocolate-making experience, you may also be able to create one of your own artisan chocolates to take away with you! This is a wholesome artisan gift that you and your partner will both love.

Sustainable Gifts

For your eco-conscious partner, there is no better artisan gift than a handmade sustainable item. With so many gifts contributing to climate change, adding a sustainable gift is one small way you can help. Sustainable gifts are handmade, reusable and provide zero waste.

Whether you opt for beautiful artisan-made jewellery, handmade candles and wax melts or home décor that is sustainably sourced, you’ll definitely be in the good books!

Why Artisan Gifts Are Great

When you buy an artisanal product or experience, you’re not just buying the gift itself, you’re also buying the story behind it. Each artisanal product is unique and made with great care by the craftsmen who made it.

An artisan gift is an authentic experience, and in many cases (like wine tasting) you get to meet the creators and hear their story.


  1. This was a great post. I haven’t heard of Artisanal products before, to be honest, so thank you for the clarification at the end. It was interesting to know about those kinda things, I wanna dig for more about it.

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