collaborative contributed post // Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice, Rudolph and the gang are raring to fly, and the elves are putting the final touches on the gifts.

Christmas is the time for stuffing our faces and arguments over board games, but most importantly for gathering with the family. Last year, it was estimated 50% of Britons took to the roads to visit family or friends, as people made up for lost time during the coronavirus pandemic.

For some, you may be lucky enough to live around the corner or a short hop away from your loved ones but for many the festive period involves a lot of travel. Here’s what to remember when planning long car rides to make your journey as smooth as possible this Christmas time.

Plan your route

Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in lengthy tailbacks when you’re desperate to be tucking into chocolates and mince pies. Around 18 million people took to the roads during last year’s festive period so some traffic may be inevitable. There are ways to avoid the queues, though.

Ensure you depart for your destination at a sensible time, find routes that avoid the hustle and bustle of motorways where possible, and always plan time to make stops for refreshments, toilet breaks, stretching your legs, and resting your eyes.

Check your car

Christmas is a wonderful time but wintery conditions can be treacherous, so before you set off for festive fun make sure your car is in good condition.

Check the fundamentals like your wiper blades, oil, brakes and tyres, but also that you have ample de-icer to clear your windscreen and windows. And always ensure your insurance is up to date or get yourself some one-day insurance if you are planning to drive someone else’s car.

Cover yourself against breakdowns

All being well, your journey will go to plan without any hiccups fit for Santa after his fifth sherry. But, sadly, sometimes things can go wrong and you find yourself stuck at the side of the road waiting for the recovery team.

Always have emergency numbers with you, be familiar with your insurance providers’ breakdown cover, and have jumpstart cables and chargers to hand. Moreover, ensure you have blankets, fresh clothing and flasks of hot drinks with you to keep warm if waiting for assistance to get moving again.

Entertain yourself

Long gone are the days where the only form of entertainment in the car was a game of “I spy”. Lengthy journeys are tricky – especially if travelling with children.

Why not put together a festive playlist and link up to the Bluetooth? Or play an audiobook? And of course, you can always try talking to one another to get yourself in the festive spirit!


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