collaborative contributed post // If your loved one is happily living in one of the many popular care homes Somerset, why not combine a visit with a weekend away from it all in beautiful Somerset? Here are eight peaceful places to stay while you spend time with your elderly relative, either in their comfortable care home, or out and about for lunch or any special occasion.

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Straddling the River Avon (which translates to River River) Bristol is a dignified city bursting with wonderful architecture, art and museums, and yet also modern enough to change with the times enough for you to enjoy yourself no matter what your interests might be. The perfect place for a taste of liveliness and culture.


This small seaside town is a firm favourite with families for a day out, boasting a broad and welcoming seafront, a bustling music scene and plenty of activities for family members of all ages.


This beautiful spot – nothing do to with ancient mining: the name comes from a corruption of the ancient word for ‘mountain’ – is a peaceful glimpse into a more distance England, albeit with a welcoming mien to people from all backgrounds, whether they are just passing through or plan to stick around for a while.


Just a little further up the Bristol strait (heading inland) from Weston-Super-Mare is Clevedon, a Victorian seaside town that has managed to hold onto the best of Victorian buildings and urban planning, while expanding comfortably into the twenty-first century.

It tends to be very busy in summer, but often offers a sleepy but warm welcome to visitors who are all too grateful to sit on the beach with an impromptu picnic.

Bed and Breakfast

Spend a night or two in one of the many bed and breakfasts that throng this area. Not only will you be able to see your loved one for longer than just a couple of hours, but you can explore the beauties of the Bristolian coastline, and find new favourite places snuggled in out of the way places.

Fancy Hotel

Or treat yourself to a weekend in one of the many plush hotels that cater largely to the international tourist and business trade. With world-famous chefs, superb sea-food and the best of everything all on tap, your weekend away will feel like a two week holiday in the sun.

Seaside Cottage

Staying for a week or two in a seaside cottage is a great way to de-stress and unwind after a busy year. You will be able to bring your elderly relative to your ‘home away from home’ for a day out and home comforts, before returning them safely for medications and the night assistance that they may well need.

National Park

Somerset is home to areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and some of these are enshrined as National Parks for the enjoyment and health of the people of the UK. Enjoy gentle strolls with stupendous views, have a cup of tea and a scone at a café and take the time for family conversations in this beautiful area with your loved one while they are able to participate and enjoy it.


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