collaborative contributed post // After an engagement, the next thing every bride thinks f is the perfect way to plan their wedding. Planning a wedding is usually a big deal, and usually, isn’t like planning every other party. Most times, you might not be sure of where to start and might feel overwhelmed.

So, when you are in doubt about the best way to plan your wedding, you can follow the tips below to know what you can do about planning the perfect wedding.

1. Have a list of wedding priorities

One of the major things you should do is to talk with your partner and determine the most vital aspects of your wedding. Do you want a live band or a particular wedding photographer? Is there a particular date or venue you like? Do you want long bridesmaid dresses or short ones?

Prioritize the important details while also compromising on others. This will ensure you remain within your budget and focus on the important things.

2. Create and stick within your budget

The wedding budget is usually the most important factor in every wedding-related decision. This is why it is one of the things that couples must tackle. If family members are contributing, you should ask them about what they are comfortable giving. If you are taking it all upon yourself, then you must look at your finances.

You always have to be prepared for a reality check as regards your budget for your wedding day. This is because many couples don’t yet understand the costs involved. When you have chosen a figure, ensure you stick to it.

3. Choose your wedding style

First check out different sources of bridal inspiration like Magazines, Instagram, or Pinterest, and start researching. When you know the wedding style you want, you can effortlessly speak with potential vendors. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with the various wedding styles.

You can create one or more visual collages for Pinterest boards to help you know the feel or look of what you want. Also, remember that you can be over-inspired. So it would be best if you don’t spend the majority of your time looking at a single idea or photo while sitting.

Make a list of what you like and dislike, and also your wants and do not want. This will help you to review your inspiration images better.

4. Ensure your significant other is involved

You shouldn’t plan your wedding on your own. Talk with your partner. Their opinion would be invaluable and when you involve them in some of the processes, it would make it more fun when you both decide together. When you both plan and do things together, you bond further and it also helps you both grow as a couple since you would both tackle things together.

5. Buy a Wedding Planning Book

If you intend to take on your wedding planning process without the help of a professional coordinator or planner, then it would be best that you use a traditional guidebook and etiquette. Such books contain a wealth of expert advice and information such as tricks and tips and even checklists and timelines.

6. Choose a theme

It can be a style or seasonal inspiration, particular wedding color, or an actual theme. It is sometimes very helpful to plan and design your wedding around a particular concept. When you have chosen a specific aesthetic, it would be pretty easy to make design decisions and other things will look more cohesive.

7. Work on your guest list together

It can be a very complicated process to make a guest list, and this is usually largely dependent on your budget and venue. So, you should speak with your partner and family members to create a list of wedding guests. There is a chance that you might make some cuts. You might also need to decide if you want to invite children and also those that will be given a plus one.

8. Research venue options

Ensure that you research restrictions like guest counts, minimum budgets, and also package prices from different potential reception and wedding venues before you agree. Even when you find a venue and package price that you love, keep looking for other options. Ask around and be sure of what other venues charge before you agree on a price.

Wrap up

It can be pretty overwhelming to plan a wedding. Though couples usually hire professionals to manage their wedding plans, there are many reasons why they may choose to take responsibility for themselves. They might be working on a tight budget or simply love doing it themselves.

In any case, couples can plan the perfect wedding by themselves. They just have to focus on what is important while staying focused on little details.


  1. Excellent post! The guest list is often the hardest part for everyone to agree on. Once you know how many people are coming, it helps to make the other decisions so much easier. Planning a wedding does involve some stress…it is good to remind yourself that this is a happy time, and the planning should be fun too.

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