collaborative contributed post // Toxins are harmful to human health in more than one way. They can affect immunity, increase disease risks, and even be fatal. The Camp Lejeune disaster is an example of the severity of damage toxins can cause because toxic water in the local supplies affected residents and even unborn fetuses. But the incident made people more conscious of the dangers of toxin exposure.

However, eliminating contaminants from your daily life is easier said than done because they are everywhere- in food, water, air, personal care products, and household cleaners. But a few conscious choices can help you raise a family with a toxin-free lifestyle. Let us share a few tips recommended by experts.

Improve the indoor air quality

Start by working on indoor air quality because airborne contaminants are the most abundant in numbers. You can avoid outdoor pollutants by avoiding unnecessary outings or wearing a medical-grade mask. But it is not a practical solution at home.

Consider investing in an air purifier to reduce dust and pollutants indoors. Opening your windows once a day to facilitate circulation is a good idea. You can go the extra mile by adding air-purifying plants to your living space. Besides enhancing the air quality, these plants increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Buy organic foods

After addressing airborne pollutants, you must find ways to eliminate toxins from your diet. Switching to organic fruits and vegetables is a good start, so you can look for reliable local sellers.

Even better, consider growing your food in the backyard to be extra safe from chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Also, buy organic meat and dairy products to minimize toxin consumption. Besides buying organic products, check the food labels carefully and avoid anything with preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.

Check your water supply

Checking your drinking water supply should be next on your checklist for a toxin-free lifestyle. Dangerous chemicals may lurk in drinking water and affect your family’s health without the slightest warning. Water-borne chemicals can cause digestive disorders, skin allergies, reproductive issues, renal disease, and even cancer.

The victims of Camp Lejeune water contamination disaster continue to experience the horror of the disaster even decades later. The only solace is that they can claim compensation for their suffering, but nothing can restore their health. Keeping an eye on the tap water at your home and installing a purifier are the best lines of defense.

Avoid Teflon and plastic in your kitchen

Although non-stick Teflon cookware looks great for healthy cooking, it does more harm than good. The material contains Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs)¸ which enter your food and eventually land inside your body.

Likewise, plastic storage containers can pass on chemicals like Phthalates, Bisphenol A Plastic (BPA), and Bisphenol S Plastic (BPS) to the food. Using these containers for heating food is even worse. The best piece of advice is to switch to glass containers for storage and microwave heating. You can use stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic-coated pots and pans for cooking.

Swap your cleaning supplies

Swapping chemical-based cleaning supplies with natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda is a good way to give your family a toxin-free home and lifestyle. It is easy to trust top brands when buying high-quality cleaners, but they are not always safe.

Surprisingly, most cleaners have chemicals, and some ingredients may be dangerous to human health. Ditching them from your shopping list is the best decision as it lowers your bills and health risks in the long run.

Reconsider your cosmetics and personal care products

Like household cleaners, cosmetics and personal care products may also contain harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. Scented products like perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, and lotions can contain hidden culprits that can fill your home with toxins.

Fortunately, many brands have embraced an organic approach, and you can find non-toxic products in beauty, skincare, and personal care ranges. Ensure the reputation of your brands before buying these products because the health of your loved ones should be your priority.

A toxin-free lifestyle is the best gift you can give to your loved ones, but embracing it requires careful choices. Also, you must pay attention to the basics, such as the air, food, and water inside your home in the first place.

Besides clearing contaminants from your home, you must do your bit to spread the word and encourage others in your community to embrace the same mindset. With everyone investing an effort, the world will be a safer place to live in.


  1. Great post! So much important information here. The indoor air quality is something to really think about. As you mentioned, opening the windows and airing the house out is a good idea. I also have quite a few plants. They do need care, but it is well worth it. It also brings a touch of the outdoors, indoors. Especially in the wintertime, it is nice to have green plants in the house.

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