collabortive contributed post // College is a time of transition: new classes, new friends, and new experiences. For many college students, the gift-giving season can be stressful; after all, what do you get the student who already has everything? In this article, Dennis Bonnen shares ten perfect gifts that any college student would love to receive.

Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

College students are busy people! Whether finishing up an essay at 3 AM or shuffling off to an 8 AM lecture, a good quality water bottle or coffee mug will ensure they stay hydrated (or caffeinated) throughout the day. It’s also great to show school pride by getting them one with their school logo.

Amazon Prime Subscription

From textbooks to snacks, Amazon has everything a college student needs for life on campus. With an Amazon Prime subscription, your student can get free two-day shipping on items they need right away and access to streaming movies and TV shows when they want some downtime.

Gift Card

Not sure what your college student wants or needs? A gift card is always a great option! Whether it’s to their favorite clothing store or restaurant near campus, they’ll be able to get what they want with it.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When studying in noisy dorms and libraries, noise-canceling headphones are essential for avoiding distractions and helping your student stay focused on their work. They can also use it to relax during their free time.

Journal or Planner

Keeping track of assignments and tests can be tricky in college; having something tangible like a journal or planner will help keep them organized throughout the semester!

Portable Charger

We rely heavily on our phones and other devices to stay connected. A portable charger ensures your college student never runs out of juice! Portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your lifestyle. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to pack—perfect for busy college students on the go.

Good Quality Backpack

Backpacks may not seem like an exciting gift at first glance, but they’re useful (and necessary) items in college life! Choose one made with sturdy material and many pockets so your student can organize their belongings neatly inside. You can also take it up a notch with a smart backpack that offers additional features such as built-in charging ports so they can charge their phone on the go!

Desk Lamp

Most dorms don’t have great lighting setups so having a desk lamp is essential if your student wants to see what they’re doing when studying late into the night (which happens more often than not). Look for one with adjustable brightness levels so they can tailor the lamp exactly how they want it depending on the task.


Whether for taking notes in class or writing papers at home, having a laptop is essential for any college student. While tablets and smartphones can come in handy occasionally, they don’t always match up to productivity and convenience, especially regarding larger tasks such as research papers and presentations. Investing in a good laptop now could save them money if they need something more powerful later.

External Hard Drive

As class assignments pile up, having an external hard drive can save the day (and your sanity). This way, students can back up important documents such as essays, presentations, and other large files without worrying about running out of space on their computer’s internal hard drive. Not only does an external hard drive provide peace of mind, but it also makes transferring files between devices easy.

Final Thoughts

Dennis Bonnen knows that finding the perfect gift for your college student doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you’re looking for something practical like noise-canceling headphones or something fun like an Amazon Prime subscription—there are tons of great options that any college student would love to receive this holiday season! With these ideas in mind, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect gift!

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