collaborative post // These days, the popularity of cannabidiol products is growing. Various CBD products are available, and cbd blunts and oils are among those popular products. In addition, pre-rolls and oils are popular among many consumers. You can find many sellers offering pre-rolls, and you can also find many sellers offering full spectrum oil, but still, many individuals are shifting to blunts over oils.


If you are thinking of using any cannabidiol products or if you already use one but looking for an alternative, we are mentioning five reasons why CBD blunts are a great alternative to full-spectrum oils.

Overview Of CBD Blunt And CBD Oils

CBD blunts, also known as pre-rolls. These pre-rolls have hemp flowers in a small amount. They are legal in several European nations due to their high CBD content and their negligible amount of THC. Pre-rolls are one of the hemp products that are easiest to use because they don’t need special tools.

CBD oil is a liquid that comes from the cannabis plant. Various individuals prefer using this oil. Some individuals consume a few drops of oil directly, and others may like to add it to their food or beverages. That’s not it. You can also vape this oil. There are various methods of using this oil. Both the blunt and oil offers almost the same effects and benefits.

But still, many people think that it is a fantastic substitute for full-spectrum CBD oils and isolates. It is because a blunt comes from the hemp plant, much like the isolates and oils, and as a result, it contains a significant amount of cannabidiol. Therefore, they are not just an alternative to cannabis oil but also traditional cigarettes; if you want to quit smoking nicotine, you can prefer blunts.

Reasons Why CBD Blunts Are A Great Alternative To Full Spectrum Oils

Convenient To Use

If you struggle with full-spectrum oil, you can switch to blunt. These are the perfect alternate option for the oil. In addition, because they are convenient to use, you will not have to struggle with them like you may have to do with oil.

You can take them with you anywhere you want, but you can’t do that with the oil because the chances are you might spill the oil. So, for instance, if you are working at the office or out somewhere, you can carry blunts with you, and if you want to consume CBD, you can light the blunt and experience the benefits of cannabis.

Variety Of Flavours And Dosage

Like CBD oils, even blunts offer various flavors and dosages to consumers. So if you like to explore different products and flavors of cannabis products, then blunts can be the perfect option.

With the blunts, you don’t have to struggle to measure the product’s dosage, which usually happens with oils. However, because oils usually come in bottle packaging, you must measure your dose every time you want to consume it.

You can take just a few drops of the oil. But you will have to keep a count of the drops. And the number of drops that you are consuming can vary according to the brand and product potency.

But with blunts, you don’t have to measure your dose because they pre-roll, and you can use them as it is. So you can get it in the dosage that suits you.

Fast Results

Another reason to use blunts as an oil alternative is that they act fast. With blunts, you can instantly experience the benefits and effects of CBD or, say, faster than oil.

If you are consuming the oil directly, you can expect to experience the result of the CBD a little early. Still, when it comes to consuming oil with any food item or beverage, it takes a lot more time to experience its effects. As a result, you might have to wait a few hours to fully experience the benefits of CBD.

So if you want to consume CBD and feel the instant result, you can go for blunts as they are fast-acting alternatives to the oils. Additionally, the results from consuming the oil or blunt are the same, and it’s about time they take to show effects.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that because blunts offer immediate effects, they only last for a shorter period compared to oils. Oils may take time, but their effects last longer.

Easy Storage

The reason consumers are shifting to blunts over oil is the storage. When we think about blunts, they don’t require any special treatment. You can store them wherever you want. But when it comes to oils, you will have to keep the bottle of the oil away from the daylight somewhere away in the dark because if the oil interacts with the sunlight, it can lose its potency.

#So you will need to store the oil in an airtight container only. The oil can’t interact with air and sun, but you don’t have to worry about all these things with blunts. You can carry them with you in the sun.


Blunts are mess-free. You can use them anytime and anywhere you want. At the same time, the oils have the risk of spilling. Also, only a few individuals like to consume oil directly.

Most people prefer adding the oil to food items or beverages, or they also use vapes for consuming oil, but there can be days when you don’t want to make too many efforts to consume your CBD, and in that case, you can opt for these blunts as they are a perfect alternative. You can get pre-roll as they are mess free and convenient to use, and you don’t need to make too much effort.

The Bottom Line

Blunts or oils you choose are both CBD products and offer benefits, but they are still different in terms of usage and the time in which they show effects. So if you are a little lazy and looking for an easy and mess-free option, you should choose blunts over oils.

Before using you must learn How To Smoke A Blunt. They are an alternative to oils and traditional cigarettes too. You can find various flavor options in blunts. But if you have an issue with smoking, you may want to avoid it, or you should take advice from a physician.

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