collaborative post // Summer is almost here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The new year just started, but it seems like we could all use a break right about now. Summer is the season to trade your hectic classes and exhausting job for a plane ticket and a sunny destination.

It’s the time to make some good memories with your family and friends and to really just bask in every moment before it flies by.

With the summer season only a few months away with the promise of fun times and sunshine, there are still a few things that you might need to really have the best summer vacation possible this 2023. Here are a few tips for you to get the most out of your summer!

Dress Accordingly

We all know that summer is when the sun really comes out to shine, which means that it’s going to be much hotter than what you’re used to. When faced with scorching temperatures and scalding heat, it might not help to wear the regular long sleeves and jeans that you usually do. Instead, toss them to the back of your closet and trade them in for some proper summer pieces.

While it’s important that you always express yourself through your fashion and clothing choices, there are a few summer essentials that will definitely help you stay cool under the sun, which is why it’s best that you already have these pieces ready and waiting in your closet.

The first summer fashion essential is definitely a good pair of shorts. They might not always be appropriate in your regular everyday life and wardrobe, but they’re definitely just right for summertime.

Not only will a pair of shorts help you keep cool and comfortable under the sun, but they are also incredibly versatile pieces that can easily be paired with almost anything, which means that you won’t even have to spend too long worrying about what you’ll wear with them.

Another thing that you definitely need to have in your closet for the summer is a dress. No, that doesn’t just mean any dress because a summer dress has to be a few things. It has to be made of a comfortable and lightweight material because the last thing you want is to be wearing something thick that traps the heat and has you sweating—not cute.

It should also preferably come in a brighter color because it’s been scientifically proven that darker colors get hotter much more quickly compared to lighter colors.

The length is pretty much up to you because summer dresses come in all lengths, from dresses that end around your knees to dresses that end around mid-thich and even maxi-dresses that almost touch the ground.

The last essential is a pair of white sneakers. You might be thinking that closed shoes are the last things you want to wear when it’s hot outside, but white sneakers are actually a great pick for different reasons. The plain white design of these sneakers mean that they’re casual and can be worn with almost anything, minimizing your prep time so that you can get out there and have fun.

White sneakers will also make long walks more comfortable rather than sandals, which could lead to blistering from constant friction. It’s also worth remembering that your feet can actually swell up and expand in a hot environment, but some white sneakers will guarantee that you feel as little pain as possible.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Summer is the time for visiting beaches and laying around on the sand until you get a good tan, but there’s that saying where too much of anything is always a bad thing—and that definitely applies to the sun. While it’s perfectly okay to go out and bask in the sunlight, it’s also incredibly important to make sure that you’re protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

In case you didn’t know, the sun constantly emits ultraviolet rays along with visible light, and there are two types of UV rays to look out for—UVA and UVB. Between the two, UVB is the more common one as these are the rays that give your skin a nice glowing tan when you’ve been out for too long, but not a lot of people are aware of the negative effects of UVA.

Too much exposure to UVA can actually permanently damage the skin, and it’s actually one of the main causes for signs of aging. Generally, too much sun exposure can also lead to the development of sunburns and skin cancer.

Even with all the harmful consequences of sun exposure, that doesn’t mean that you need to lock yourself inside forever and only go out during the night-time because there are a few things that you can do to keep your skin properly protected when you’re out and about.

The most common sun safety measure is to make sure that you’re applying your sunscreen regularly. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen shouldn’t only be applied when you’re spending the day at the beach because exposure to UV rays isn’t only limited by the ocean.

You should be applying sunscreen everywhere you go, and it’s best to opt for one that has a minimum SPF of 30 and offers broad spectrum protection.

While it is important to put on your sunscreen every time you go out, chances are that you aren’t applying enough of it as frequently as you actually need to, but don’t worry because there are other measures that you can take to protect yourself even more. Physical barriers from the sun like hats, sunglasses and umbrellas are also effective in blocking out the sun.

Stay Hydrated

You might be looking forward to the many smoothies and cocktails that you’ll be drinking when you go on vacation, but it’s important to remember that drinking water is still important—if not more so.

We all know how much our body needs water to not only maintain our bodily functions and make sure that everything’s working at its best, but these reasons are further exacerbated by the intense heat during summer.

When walking under the hot sun all day, it’s only natural that your body starts to sweat a lot as this is how the body cools itself down. Sweating not only releases internal heat to keep your body at a certain temperature, but the moisture also cools down the surface of the skin.

Obviously, it’s good to sweat because it allows your body to hold onto its preferred equilibrium, but too much of it can deplete the water content inside your body, which is why you should always remember to drink plenty of water—not just juices or sodas.

However, that might be much easier said than done, especially during the hotter weather that makes you crave sweeter sugary drinks. One way to make regular hydration much more convenient is to carry around a water bottle with you wherever you go. There are a lot of different water bottles that you can choose from with different features and accessories that can make carrying it around less of a hassle.

You can choose an insulated water bottle that will keep your water cool and refreshing throughout the whole day, or you can get a smart water bottle that will actually remind you to take a chug of water to maintain your tracked hydration levels—there are so many different options that can suit any lifestyle.

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