collaborative post // Confidence means showing up for yourself with the knowledge that you’re enough and that the world is more meaningful with you in it. But while most people strive to be more confident in their everyday lives, sometimes it can be challenging to do so. There will always be moments when you question your value in the world and even try to dim your own light so that others can shine.

On days when you lack confidence, it can be difficult to believe in yourself as the wonderful person that you are. But remember that these moments are completely natural and can happen to any of us. Below are eight strategies that you can try to give yourself an instant confidence boost on the most challenging of days:

Grooming Yourself

Taking a long shower and grooming yourself can do wonders for your self-confidence, and with good reason. Research shows that personal grooming has a positive effect on self-perceived body image.

Those who take the time to clean and primp themselves often feel more confident than others who don’t take this step. There’s also the psychological aspect of literally scrubbing away negative emotions from your skin, which can make you feel better instantly.

On days that you’re down or don’t feel like yourself, try to see the difference that a long, luxurious shower or a body scrub can make. You may be surprised at how much more confident you’ll end up feeling.

Dressing Well

Don’t underestimate the power of stylish and well-fitting clothes to boost your confidence and overall psyche. Today, fashion is no longer limited to functionality; people are encouraged to use fashion as a reflection of their personal style and self-expression.

For example, if you’re a woman in a leadership position, you can communicate how powerful you are with high-quality opaque tights under a custom-made dress. Finish this outfit with accessories that make you feel like you’re dressed to succeed. When you wear clothes that make you feel great, you can experience an instant confidence boost—and it will show in how you walk and talk.

Sitting and Standing Straight

Poor posture can contribute to lower energy levels and feelings of stress. Scientists are still researching the relationship between posture and mental health, but initial data suggests that good posture allows the organs to function more optimally because they are less cramped.

Putting more thought into your posture may have a positive effect on how you feel. Standing or sitting straight can also lessen the production of cortisol, or the stress hormone, and ultimately boost your confidence instead of your anxiety.

Taking the Time to Inhale and Exhale

You can instantly feel more confident when you make an effort to quell the negativity and stress in your life. One of the simplest ways to start doing so is to take a deep breath and take your time exhaling, especially in moments of crisis where it’s not easy to feel confident.

A good tip would be to inhale slowly through your nose for four seconds, taking special care to expand your diaphragm. Hold your breath for four seconds and exhale loudly through your mouth for four more seconds. This 12-second breathing technique can significantly affect neurological function, decreasing your stress levels and freeing your headspace up for more confidence and positivity.

Smiling with Your Teeth

Interestingly, when you force yourself to smile, your brain produces feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. This effect is amplified when you show your teeth and start laughing.

Even if it seems forced at first, you may eventually shift out of your previous disposition and feel happier and more confident. It’s also a good idea to smile at someone else to cultivate a positive atmosphere around you. If they smile back at you, it could further improve your mood.

Listening to Your Favorite Music

Music can be an instant confidence booster. Think of all the times you started smiling and moving your shoulders when your favorite song started playing. When you listen to music you enjoy, you stop worrying about the “what ifs” and start being present in the now. This can have a wonderful effect on your mood and confidence levels.

Repeating a Motivational Phrase

A motivational phrase can be anything that makes you feel good at the moment. Find inspiration from books, movies, or even your favorite song. As much as possible, keep it short and memorable—“I am strong” or “I am exceptional,” for example—and start repeating it whenever you need an immediate confidence boost.

Research shows that constant repetition of phrases can actually change the way your brain works, so much so that the brain will begin to believe what is being repeated. Keep saying that you’re amazing, and you will eventually believe it—which, of course, will strengthen your day-to-day confidence.

Giving Yourself a Pep Talk

Throughout life, you should be your own biggest cheerleader. When times are tough, practice self-compassion and assure yourself that you can handle any situation that comes your way. Remember that there is no one in this world like you—even the most similar people differ in terms of expression, thinking, and experiences.

You are a completely unique person, and only you can give what you can give. Don’t forget that when times are rough and when you feel helpless or inadequate with regard to what you can contribute to the world.


Remember that no one can be confident all the time, and that’s okay. It’s normal, and even expected sometimes, to feel uncertain about who we are or the tasks we need to accomplish. However, there are little things we can do now that can bolster our resolve and help us live our lives to the fullest.

As perfectly put by Tony Robbins, “Creating confidence is not about knowing it all; it’s about trusting that no matter what happens in a particular situation, you’ll be able to handle it and learn from the outcome.” Pack this wisdom for yourself and revisit it whenever you need a confidence boost to get you by.


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