ad // Festival season is just around the corner and whilst we might be there for the music, the fashion is another really fun aspect of festival season, which allows people to dress up and be themselves more than ever before!

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A festival is a great place to really let your hair down and try something new and fun with what you’re wearing.

Nobody really cares (or they’re too drunk to notice) and festivals don’t come around all too often, so it’s worth making the most of it whilst you can.

You have to be practical when it comes to festival fashion, to ensure you’re comfortable and don’t ruin your weekend by only packing platform heels when you’re trying to walk around in 4 inches of mud.

But you can definitely have comfort and fun in the same outfit. Accessories are REALLY good for enhancing a festival outfit.

So let’s look at some simple but fun ideas for your festival outfits this year:

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

Head crowns

Will the flower crown ever go out of style? Probably not. But perhaps switch it up this year with a butterfly flower crown instead. There are many beautiful designs on the market and it’s definitely something a bit different!

Temporary tattoos

I love tattoos and have a few tattoos myself but you definitely don’t want to be running off to get a tattoo just for the purpose of going to a festival. This is where temporary tattoos come in really handy as there are some great brands and designs out there which will suit your festival fashion.

One such brand is The Glitter Tree, committed to offering the most innovative temporary tattoos and Accessory product ranges available in today’s busy and ever-growing marketplace, combined with great service you would want and expect when visiting an ordinary shop on the high street.

The Glitter Tree is the UK’s preferred supplier of temporary tattoos and accessories and continues to develop a range of products, which are Vegan and cruelty-free. Their cosmetic body art adhesive is long-lasting and won’t let you down throughout your entire day at the festival!

With everything from fairies to ballet dancers, stars, Halloween or Christmas themed stencils and many more – you can find something fun to go with your festival fashion.


A practical aspect of your festival fashion choices as festivals are usually in Summer and the absolute last thing you want is heatstroke, so a hat is a great investment for a festival. But make it a good one to enhance your outfit!


Sequins will look absolutely dazzling in the sunlight that often comes with festivals and can be a great day and night outfit choice. Perhaps choose one sequined piece for your outfit so you can remain comfortable but also sparkle!


I know you’ve already seen Daisy Jones and the Six and want to dress like Daisy – I certainly do. I think tassels are a great way to do that and lean in to the 60’s / Stevie Nicks vibe.

Stick on gems

Using stick on gems to add depth to your festival make-up looks is another wonderful way to really elevate an outfit. You can get super creative with this too!

There are a ton of accessory ideas help you level up your festival fashion. Just make sure you’re comfortable and of course, be safe at the festival.

Have you been to a festival before? How do you like to enhance your festival outfits?


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