collaborative post // Attempting to find a car can be an exciting time. For some, it is time for a change, and they are ready to get a newer model with few miles. Others get a car because it is their first vehicle after passing their test, and some might treat themselves to a new upgrade.

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Whilst most people choose to buy their car online, those trying to find the right wheelchair-accessible vehicle might want to see the vehicle in person. This is to help them find a vehicle that is both comfortable and accommodating for them whilst trying. In addition, other factors are worth considering to help them decide, and these are just a few of them.

Decide On Buying New Or Second-Hand

Should you buy new or second-hand? This is the question anyone buying a car asks themselves first! An obvious differentiator is the costs involved. Of course, a newer car will come with a much higher price tag than a second-hand one. Many second-hand cars are only a few years old, so only a few have done many miles.

Another factor to consider when debating whether to buy new or second-hand is hiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle instead. Hiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is worth considering if you have no plans to use the vehicle often, only on odd occasions. Knowing how often you will use the vehicle will help you decide whether it is worth buying or hiring.

Applying For A Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

In the UK, anyone who is disabled between 16 and the State Pension age is eligible for mobility allowance, also known as Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This can be used to help those with a disability to pay towards costs for care and mobility needs. Some choose to use it towards getting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

However, some not-for-profit organisations, such as Motability, offer those with DLA the opportunity to swap it for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Of course, you have to check if you qualify for the scheme, so it is worth visiting their site to find out more. It could be the first step towards getting yourself a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, allowing you opportunities to go out and explore.

Consider The Choice Of Seating

With any car journey, being comfortable for the journey is essential regardless of how long you will travel. Fortunately, with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you can choose how you travel in the car. If you would prefer to be at the front, many wheelchair-accessible vehicles have the option that allows you to be seated in the front of the car but also at the back.

Along with the positioning of where your wheelchair can be placed, you might also want to consider a vehicle with rear seats. The great advantage of having rear seats is that they allow you to have more people in your car. When taking a long journey with multiple people, having rear seats in your car enables you to travel together instead of in separate vehicles.

Whether you want to experience the benefit of sitting up front in the car or want a second-hand vehicle that allows you to accommodate more people, there is likely a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for you. Spend time researching your options, check to see if you are eligible for schemes available, and you will likely find the right wheelchair-accessible vehicle for your next adventures.

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