collaborative post // One of the most noticeable things about the way we look is our smiles, so why not invest in improving the appearance of your teeth? The things you’ll want to change about your teeth will be a very personal thing, as all teeth are different and will have different perceived flaws.

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However, below we have covered some of the main reasons people want to improve the appearance of their teeth and the options to do so.

Interested in finding out more? Then keep reading. And if you need to find a dentist to help with your problem, a quick Google search, such as “dentist Weybridge” should help!

Improving Whiteness And Reducing Staining

Perhaps the most common complaint when it comes to improving the look of our teeth is removing staining and yellowing. It’s incredibly easy for teeth to become stained and discoloured, through everyday habits such as drinking coffee or fizzy drinks, eating certain foods, or smoking.

Luckily, there are also plenty of options out there for those looking to reduce staining on their teeth, with different budget options too. There are plenty of whitening kinds of toothpaste and kits on the market for those looking to whiten their teeth on a smaller budget.

For example, at-home UV whitening kits have been popular in recent years featuring widely on social media and with influencers. However, if you want more drastic and reliable results, it’s best to see a dentist for a professional whitening treatment.

Aligning And Straightening Teeth

As well as wanting whiter teeth, many people may want to improve the placement of their teeth and how uniform they appear. One of the best ways to align your teeth is by using Invisalign braces.

Widely popular among celebrities for achieving that perfect, straight smile, Invisalign braces work by gradually straightening your teeth over time by changing their positioning within the gum. If you’re interested in straightening your teeth using Invisalign braces, contact Byways Dental Practice to find out more.

Getting Rid Of Chips In Your Teeth

If you’ve had an accident where you’ve fallen over, for example, you may be surprised by how easy it is to chip a tooth. As this tends to happen to front teeth, the effects can be quite noticeable and affect confidence whilst smiling.

The good news is that it’s a pretty simple process to repair a chipped tooth, through a process called composite bonding. This will fill the gap left from the chip and is designed to fit seamlessly into the rest of the tooth, so you would never know it was there!

Replacing Missing Teeth

Sometimes, if there is more extensive damage to a tooth such as a deep crack or erosion, it might be necessary to extract the tooth and completely replace it. Despite what you might think, replacing a tooth doesn’t have to be noticeable, and the technology in dentistry has come a long way.

Replacement dentures or single teeth look incredibly realistic and are designed to match any existing teeth perfectly. Your dentist will work closely with you to design your teeth so you can choose the exact whiteness you prefer and how to care for them.

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