collaborative post // When relationships end, people often feel lost. This is perhaps because they had shared many moments with the other person or because they were in a toxic relationship that hurt them. 

However, whatever the case may be, a breakup has to be seen as something else. That is to say, a breakup is a new opportunity that offers the possibility to meet people, to discover new worlds and to live on the edge. 

For this, there are some tips or alternatives offered on websites, such as the adult classified portal Skokka, that help to heal those broken hearts. Here are some tips to make the process easier. 

Meeting new people

It is unnecessary to start a relationship the moment the last one is over. However, the fact of relating with new people, either friends, a one-night stand or even meeting one of the sexy London escorts in town, is very useful and effective. 

It opens up new horizons and brings back the joy sooner. In addition, these people can bring new, eye-opening knowledge and experiences that help to keep going. For example, who has never had unbridled sex after a breakup? This has helped the person realize that perhaps the relationship was insufficient to meet the needs.

Creating a profile on a dating application

New technologies are wonderful, as well as hot Manchester escorts, and they offer a new world of possibilities. Nowadays, there are many apps, such as tinder, in which many people of very different styles, thoughts and beliefs are registered. 

On these apps you can meet amazing people who teach a wide variety of things, such as different places to turn to when there is a moment of crisis or stress. In addition, in case there is a good vibe, you can even meet up for a few beers or dinner with the other person and, thus, enjoy the moment. 

Leaning on family and friends

Sometimes, it is very difficult to express feelings after such a hard blow. That is why people decide to lock themselves in their thoughts, completely changing their personality and letting life go on while they only mourn. 

This behavior, besides being harmful to oneself, makes the person who has made the decision to leave the relationship feel more powerful. This is why it is recommended to talk, express oneself and communicate; and, for this, family and friends are the ones who will always be there to lend a hand. 

In case you do not have enough confidence to resort to one of these people, there is always the option of meeting with a beautiful Birmingham escorts. These professionals offer all kinds of services, from massages and sex, to endless talks that are very liberating.


Going to a party

Getting out of the cave that is created in these peculiar and difficult moments is a wonderful alternative. This, although there are those who believe that one has to mourn, helps people feel empowered and independent. 

Besides giving the opportunity to have a good time and forget about everything, it also offers the pleasure of meeting someone who can fill the void that has been left. As the saying goes, “you never know where the love of your life might be”.


Traveling, traveling heals the soul of any person, whether it is because of a broken heart or a major loss. This activity releases tensions and opens the world and eyes; it makes people feel freer, more comfortable and happier. 

It shows different perspectives, cultures, points of view and languages which are wonderful. It makes possible mental confusions turn into light and color, since a constant adrenaline rush is felt. 

In addition, there are many people you meet during your travels; likewise, if you want to be more solitary, but feel like having an entertaining evening, you can always contact one of the escorts in different parts of the world. 

Going to mental health professionals

When everything has been tried, but the breakup is a much bigger problem that there is no way to overcome. It is necessary to turn to mental professionals. They can help you to take another perspective, to find out what the real problems are and to try to find feasible solutions. 

One is never fully aware of what is going on inside oneself and psychologists, as well as psychiatrists, are specialized in finding the root of the problem. Many people who turn to these sources are surprised by the answers that emerge over time. 

In conclusion, what sometimes seems to be a mountain of sand, after inquiring, discovering and exploring, becomes a pinch of sand. That is why the most important thing is not to close oneself and to always remain active, in the end only the people themselves can resolve their conflicts. Nothing is the end, although sometimes it may seem so. 


  1. Went through a really bad break-up… and 2 years on I am changed, yet I hope I never see her again. It took some learning yet I have always been more committed to my values of honesty and healthy living. Over the last 2 years I have had it displayed for me how many mental health professionals are not. I got dumped by a number of people, and the world is telling me that I can cope. I can without people who are not emotionally present, and just because people lie to me I simply do not need to react. I can see, and I can choose to act or not in my time.
    Just as when I stopped drinking 24 years ago, it is amazing to see how others react when they no longer have control over you whenever they want.

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