collaborative post | If you find yourself with a garage that has seen better days you’ll have to make a decision, to either keep it or remove it. You’ll need to consider the costs of repairing an old garage and its intrinsic value to your property. Weigh this against the loss of the storage space for your car and other items if it’s removed.

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So should the garage stay or should it go? There are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

Is The Structure Sound?

If the structure of the old garage is unsound or dangerous then there is little to be done and it will most likely have to be demolished.

There are companies which specialise in dismantling old garages and disposing of the debris. They may also be able to replace the garage for you.

It’s not advisable to attempt to demolish your own garage unless you are a builder by trade or have prior experience.

On inspecting the structure if it’s in reasonable condition then you may consider repairing the garage.

You’ll need to work out the repair costs if you intend to do it yourself. If not, you should get at least three quotes for the repairs.

Assess The Roof

Quite often the first thing to deteriorate in an old garage is the roof. This is more likely if it is a flat roof which, without proper maintenance, will deteriorate over time.

Whether it is pitched or flat you’ll have to consider the cost of a new garage roof if you intend to keep the garage.

A professional garage roofing company will be able to remove and replace an old roof in a day or two. They will also be able to identify any asbestos in your roof and arrange specialist collection and disposal of this hazardous material.

If the rest of the structure is sound, once the roof is repaired or replaced you will be able to use the garage again for storing your car, gardening equipment or tools.

Does The Garage Serve A Valuable Purpose?

When considering the fate of your old garage it’s worth looking at the bigger picture. Many urban areas have strict parking regulations and a lack of parking space can put off potential property buyers.

If you think that you may be selling the property in the future consider what impact the presence or absence of a garage may have on the sale.

For those living in rural areas with plenty of free parking, a garage may not be a necessity. Urban dwellers often regard the inclusion of a garage as a make-or-break condition on a property purchase.

What to do with an old garage will depend on the condition of the garage as well as the potential impact on a future sale of the whole property.

It’s necessary to work out the costs of repair or replacement with the benefit to you in the immediate or long term.

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