ad | Yes, I know. We’ve not even broken up for the Summer holidays yet. But as we all know, time moves FAST. And the Summer holidays will be here before we know it and shortly after that, it’ll be time to head back to school for the next year!

When it’s the Summer holidays as we’re all out having fun and enjoying the weather, it can be easy to lose track of time. So getting prepared early for back to school is really important.

In fact, the earlier you’re prepared for back to school in September, the quicker you can kick back and enjoy your time off!

If you’re a teacher, then getting that balance between enjoying your break and preparing for the new term is even more important, as there’s so much to do and prepare for.

So in this post, we’re going to look at a list of things that you can buy to prepare for going back to school in the Autumn, specifically for teachers!

6 things to buy to prepare for back to school for teachers:

A new bag for your school supplies

There are many lovely teacher bags available which are large enough to hold books and sturdy enough not to break. You can even get personalized bags of this kind, so they don’t get confused with any other teacher in the staff room.

A marking stamp

All teachers have to mark and grade papers, tests and homework, so it might be nice to choose a more personal way to do that, in the way of a marking stamp that has your name on it!

Re-usable water bottle

Teachers have a long day of work and do a lot of talking throughout the day, so it’s really important they stay hydrated. A re-usable water bottle is a much better option than a plastic bottle, so if you’re a teacher, this is something you should definitely think about investing in!

Fun t-shirts

There are lots of fun shirts for teachers, which, if you’re a fun teacher or perhaps teach younger children, might be a lovely idea to make coming back to school a bit more exciting! You can find lots of teacher t-shirts on Teacher Gram.


Particularly useful if you’re teacher smaller and younger children but you might want to invest in new sets of stickers to hand out when children have been good or done good work!

A new planner

Teachers need to be organized to the max, so if you’re a teacher, you’re DEFINITELY going to need a new planner to start your year, to ensure all your classes, after-school activities and meetings are organized.

Back to school time can be exciting and nerve-wracking. But being prepared and organized ahead of time will always help you dust away the nerves, so you know that when September rolls around, you’re ready to go!

If you’re a teacher, how do you prepare for the new term? Are there any must-have items you need?

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