collaborative post | Customer Service at Its Best: With 87% of customers wanting brands to set new standards in customer service and 89% of customers buying from brands showing they care about customer requirements, your business’s call-handling skills can make or break its reputation.

While team up-skilling is crucial to meet the demands of 24% of small businesses that outsource customer service, going for a professional call-handling service is key.

Switch to CallCare, the best call-handling solution for all your business requirements. With custom features and plans to cater to businesses and 24/7 dependable customer support, CallCare is what you might have been looking for.

The CallCare Advantage

3.86% of customers are loyal to brands that understand their preferences and priorities, while 85% want businesses to exceed their expectations throughout the customer journey. A professional call-handling service like CallCare enhances a business’s customer services in several ways.

It streamlines the company’s administrative operations, increases efficiency, and lowers costs with its professional call management. This further helps businesses maintain their brand image.

Important features of CallCare’s professional call-handling service include:

  • Comprehensive customer service solutions that offer consistent service to clients across varied locations and channels.
  • Powerful customer care solutions to enable optimum agent productivity, superior service, and consistency with good performance to help businesses drive revenues and offer value to customers.
  • Fast implementation with no disruption to businesses.
  • ICO, FCA, PQAL and Investors in People accreditations that prove CallCare works in compliance with international regulations and standards.

Problems Solved by CallCare

If you want business growth and achieve the same over time, it may be difficult for your company to answer calls themselves. That’s because your team has other responsibilities, and you cannot afford to have all the calls going unanswered.

Even if you make the best efforts, customers will not like to wait long for you to answer their call. This will give your business negative recommendations or reviews. And remember, 93% of the customers go through reviews of businesses before dealing with them. As people say, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation but only a few seconds to destroy it.

With CallCare’s dedicated call-handling solutions, your callers get an answer within seconds and proper solutions to their issues. Every caller receives the highest service standards, thus helping your business build a good reputation over time.

Consistent and Continuous Improvement in Customer Communication

With 58% of customers willing to pay more for satisfactory customer service, you cannot let traditional customer service practices ruin your business. CallCare’s customer call handling and management solutions can be hugely insightful and help you strategise ways to reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction.

CallCare’s professional call-handling solutions are just what you require to ensure consistent and continuous improvement in consumer communication.

Collecting the caller’s details and promising them a callback is one of the most excellent ways to show your business cares about them. CallCare enforces strict follow-up protocols to ensure every callback promise is thoroughly followed.

The way businesses handle their customer calls says a lot. If you want to project a professional image among your customers by offering them what they want, a partnership with CallCare is crucial.

The company’s services will increase the availability of your business, reduce caller wait times, streamline customer communications and get you more leads.

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