collaborative post | If you run a business then you will know how important it is to utilise various forms of social communication. Whether this is chat, email or even text, it’s safe to say that the more avenues you open up, the more customers you will reach.

WhatsApp is a growing form of communication for a lot of businesses, purely because it allows people to talk on the go, without being limited to slow email servers or clunky live chat systems. If your business is not adopting WhatsApp yet then you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage. 

People love text communication, as they can reply in their own time, and seeing as it’s on an internet server, you can rely on free WiFi over using your own text allowance. It’s a revolutionary way to provide better customer service, not to mention that it is also giving companies the chance to improve their customer satisfaction.

Text updates from companies have been around for quite some time. They started with delivery companies texting people when parcels were on the way.

Schools then started to use text messaging as a way to communicate with parents about their child, or as a way of sending important updates. Since then, the digital communication sector has boomed, and now more and more people are using text as a way to communicate with their audience without having to rely on phone calls or email. 

Why not check out the below infographic, if you are interested in finding out some facts about WhatsApp and how your business could take advantage of it?

Infographic designed by: YourBusinessNumber

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