collaborative post | In the past years, we have seen not only the fashion industry but also the beauty industry evolves and now we see that also the concept of elegance has also evolved and we now see how these industries are embracing diversity and inclusivity.

We are now in an age where the body is being celebrated in all its forms and shapes, which is now empowering many women around the world and boosting their self-confidence.

In the past, shapewear meant an unrealistic beauty standard, but now it has been transformed into a great tool that celebrated all body types and enhances them. This time we want to share how to get graceful glamour by wearing wholesale body shapers and shapewear that are perfect for all body types and why and how we have seen this amazing shift in the shapewear industry.

How did the perspective shift?

The reality is that shapewear has existed for centuries and in the past, women used to wear them as girdles and corsets. But the reality is that they usually were associated with discomfort and a lot of constriction and would shape the body into a shape that is predefined.

Thankfully, the perspective we have in modern days about shapewear has shifted. Nowadays, shapewear doesn’t look to alter the natural body shape, but they are here to enhance and also complement your figure, which makes people feel more comfortable and confident with themselves.

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Diversity is now celebrated

These past years we have gotten to see how much recognition has gotten the many diverse body types. Brands are catering to a wider spectrum of sizes no, which ensures that everyone finds a piece of dropshipping shapewear that fits them in the right way.

This new diversity and inclusivity approach also empowers people to help redefine the standards of beauty. Now we can find shapewear from petite to plus size, which is a great way to emphasize that every body type is worthy of being celebrated and admired.

Comfort always

Now we don’t really have to sacrifice our comfort to look beautiful. Now shapewear is designed with construction techniques that are innovative and also use advanced materials that end up prioritizing function and form. We now see seamless designs, and breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that will ensure the shapewear comfort and that can be worn during extensive periods of time.

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Highlighting what’s positive

Shapewear now is not really about hiding all your flaws, but it will accentuate your positive ones. Brands are now focusing in create shapewear that will highlight the natural curves and also the body contours. Now you can see a wide range of options that to address these specific areas from thigh-smoothing shorts to sculpting waist cinchers. These pieces will allow you to feel empowered and confident when you wear them.

Design versatility

One of the good things about modern shapewear is how versatile they are now, as they just won’t have only a single style or even a single purpose. There are various designs and we can find high-waisted briefs, camisoles, bodysuits, etc., and each will target a different preference and need. Thanks to this versatility, now shapewear can be integrated seamlessly into many outfits.

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Body positivity

Definitively body positivity has been gaining momentum in the past years, and it encourages us to embrace and love our own bodies no matter the standards that have prevailed in society for so long. Shapewear is now a tool that helps people feel confident in their own skin and bodies.

The future

We can safely say that the way shapewear has evolved is a way to show how the perceptions of self-expression and beauty have changed. While fashion continues accepting and embracing all body types, diversity, and body positivity, the shapewear world definitively holds so many amazing possibilities. And the best thing is that there are probably going to be more advances in design and technology, so there are going to be more comfortable and innovative solutions for all body types.

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