collaborative post | A boiler is one of the many things we take for granted in our homes, at least up until the moment that it stops working. Especially vital for heating during the colder months, boiler issues can be incredibly frustrating for anyone unlucky enough to experience them.

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Having a basic level of understanding when it comes to these issues can make them feel a lot more manageable. While we still recommend getting a professional in from somewhere like Able Plumbing Solutions in the case that anything does go wrong, here are some common issues and what you need to know about them.

Banging or gurgling noises in radiators

While technically not a boiler issue, a common problem with heating systems is that they can make a wide range of different noises, such as whistling or banging sounds. These noises can be the result of a few different issues but are typically a result of air being in the system in addition to water.


What you’ll need to do is bleed the radiators, by opening the little valves to allow trapped air to come out. If the noises are coming from your boiler, you’d better get a specialist round to check it out.

Low pressure

Another common issue with boilers is low pressure. It can show up as an issue in a wide variety of symptoms; the most common, however, will simply be a lackluster flow of hot water from the tap.

There can be a few different issues behind low pressure. It’s possible that there’s a leak somewhere in the system, which will need to be patched up to fix the problem. Alternatively, it’s also possible that there’s a faulty pressure relief valve. Most boilers will have a little pressure gauge on the front. By checking the reading and consulting the manual, you’ll be able to see if you have a real problem or not.


A sure fire sign that something is up with your boiler is if it’s actually leaking. This will be clearly visible in some cases, with water pooling near the base of the boiler and potentially leaking out into the floor.

This can be caused by a range of different issues, such as faulty seals and old, corroded connections. You’ll need to make sure that these issues are taken care of as soon as possible, to prevent further damage from being caused to your home. It’ll probably be best to get an emergency plumber around as soon as possible.

Having a boiler fail on you is never a nice experience, and it will often mean that you’ll need to get a plumber to come round. Thankfully, there will often be a lot of things that they can do to fix the issue without having to actually replace the whole thing.

If you’ve got concerns, it’s always worth phoning a professional. You can describe the problem to them, and if they think it merits a further check-up, they’ll be able to send someone around to have a look for you.

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