collaborative post | There is no doubt that red light therapy is one of the most popular forms of treatment if you suffer for hair loss and alopecia. With a controlled red light exposure, frequency, and wavelength, you can not only trigger hair growth but also promote healthy hair regrowth.

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Even if you have tried other forms of treatments for hair loss, red light therapy is not going to interrupt or affect its results. However, it can evidently stimulate hair follicle, improve circulation and cellular regeneration, and prevents inflammation. All of which plays a major role in hair loss. 

Therefore, if you too suffer from hair loss, you might want to consider red light therapy for hair regrowth. Stick till the end of the article as we cover more in details. 

How Red Light Therapy Helps With Hair Regrowth? 

Red light therapy is one of the most reliable and safer forms of treatment that allows you to reap the benefits without worrying about any after effects. It is also able to treat not only hair loss but help prevent diseases like alopecia. 

Here are some other ways red light helps with hair regrowth:

Reduced Oxidative Stress 

Stress can lead to thinning and shedding hair quite drastically over a short period of time. Luckily, red light therapy not only can help reduce oxidative stress, but also help control it. 

Red light therapy increases collagen production as well as activates mitochondrial activity which is responsible for energy production all over the body. When the body is under too much stress, it causes the hair follicle to go into a resting phase where the activity is minimum leading to thinning of the hair. Prolonged resting phase of the hair follicle eventually leads to shedding. 

Red light increases cellular activity and circulates blood more efficiently causing stimulation to the hair follicle. Therefore, leading to limiting hair loss and controlled oxidative stress. 

Improved Circulation 

Improved circulation is known to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body and help promote better flow of the blood. 

Better blood flow allows the body to remain well cycled and ensures the hair follicles receive adequate amount of blood supply to thrive. Improve blood circulation delivers better oxygen which results in prevention of hair thinning and shedding. 

It is also known to promote longer anagen phase of the hair follicle which continues the growth of the hair follicle into producing the hair fiber. 

All of these can be achieved by a maintained and properly scheduled red light therapy session. Red light therapy can help stimulate an enhanced level of blood circulation that can help with regrowth and prevent shedding of the hair. 

Better Cellular Regeneration 

Cellular regeneration is directly linked to the well being of your hair follicle. Better cellular regeneration directly results in better hair follicle development and prevents resting phase or telogen phase of the hair.

Telogen phase is when the hair follicle no longer has anything to aid in hair growth or health and leads to shedding of the hair. Therefore, preventing telogen phase can directly lead to having control over your hair thinning and shedding. 

With a controlled and regulated red light therapy session, you can achieve a better cellular regeneration which directly affects the growth and development of your hair.

Cellular regeneration is one of the most well known results you can achieve from red light therapy. It is known to help stimulate the mitochondria which leads to energy production. This energy is then used to disperse through the body and help with the regeneration and restoration of the cells. 

Decreased Inflammation 

Apart from stimulating blood and delivering oxygen optimally all over the body, red light therapy has other benefits to them as well. Red light therapy is an excellent form of treatment that helps radically with decreased inflammation and reduced cellular activity. Inflammation can lead to hair loss and thinning without any prior notice. Which is why, if you find yourself shedding a lot more than usual, you can try red light therapy to promote hair stimulation. 

You may experience minimum blood flow to your scalp which can result in less oxygen being absorbed by the cells and lead to hair loss. This may be the result of inflammation that can easily be tackled with red light therapy. 

Prevents Androgenic Alopecia 

Androgenic alopecia is the chronic loss of hair in men that can be the result of genetic or hormonal reasons. Male pattern baldness is extremely common and has been known to be responsive to treatments. One such treatment that treats androgenic alopecia is red light therapy. 

Red light therapy triggers blood flow all over the body and leads to preventing telogen phase or the phase where the hair follicle reaches its end and no longer contributes to the growth and development of the hair. This is when the hair falls out and you begin to shed. However, since androgenic alopecia is an inherited disease or a hormonal response, you need to remain consistent with the treatment in order to reap its benefits. 

Hair Follicle Stimulation 

While red light therapy is an effective form of treatment for hair loss and shows promising results for it, this therapy can’t help hair grow where it hasn’t existed before. 

However, this therapy can certainly help trigger and stimulate the hair follicle which can prevent it from going into the resting phase before falling off. Hair stimulation is extremely important if you suffer from hair loss. 

Red light not only helps offer proper circulation of the hair, stimulates hair follicle, and promotes growth of the hair where it has existed previously. 

That said, in order to stimulate hair growth, you must be aware of the wavelength and frequency of the light. Even though there is no evidential prove that red light therapy has any negative side effect, it is possible to experience some sort of heating sensation that can restrict blood flow and hinder the growth and stimulation of the follicle. 

Bottom Line 

Hair loss is a very sensitive topic for most. Although there isn’t much most people can do about it, there are certain treatments to consider if you suffer from it chronically. 

One such treatment for hair loss is red light therapy that has no negative effect to the human body yet somehow manages to offer excellent benefits in terms of hair growth. It is non-invasive and a safer procedure compared to most other hair treatments as some of them involve surgical procedures. 

Therefore, if you ever find yourself feeling insecure about hair loss, try considering red light therapy for hair regrowth. It has promising effects and helps avoid any unwanted complications with ease. 

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