collaborative post | Your little one’s play area is a hub of chaos that presents challenges. Cleaning up in the playroom is more than just tidying up toys. If you have the space, you can create a playroom that can withstand any mess.

Here are some of the latest design trends for your child’s play area to consider.

Go for Neutral Walls

While white walls are often seen in offices, they can also be a distraction for your child to draw on. However, they are easy to clean.

Nothing ruins a room faster than wallpaper being torn down by a mischievous toddler. White walls make a great alternative to wallpaper and paint. We all know how irresistible a wall is to a child, especially with felt-tip pens.

Not only does this encourage playtime with your child, where you can join in on the fun or do homeschooling together, it also helps stimulate their creativity and keep them engaged.

It’s also handy to have a good behavior chart written up each week.

Opt for Vinyl Flooring

In the past, vinyl flooring was flimsy and unattractive. However, modern luxury vinyl flooring is the top choice of interior designers, especially for children’s rooms.

Luxury vinyl from Quick Step is ideal for your kid’s playroom as it is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. This means that ink and toys won’t leave a lasting mark. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and you don’t need expensive chemicals to keep it looking its best.

With waterproof protection, you won’t have to worry about water seeping through. Plus, it has a naturally cushioned quality, ensuring durability that will last for years.

Choose Timeless Colors

Using neutral colors for paint and furniture ensures longevity and avoids the need for frequent redecorations. If you opt for luxury vinyl flooring, such as quick step flooring, consider getting furniture with felt tips to protect the floor.

Paying attention to these small details ensures that your child’s room can transition smoothly into their teenage years when toys are replaced with gaming or creative spaces, giving you peace of mind and some time to yourselves when needed.

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