collaborative post | Putting together your wedding outfit can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Even once you’ve pinned down the dress – if you’re even wearing a dress! – there are the accessories to consider. Use this guide to bridal jewellery for confidence in how to accessorise on the special day.

Keep it simple

The most important thing to remember when you’re choosing bridal jewellery is to keep it simple.

All of the attention will be on you on your wedding day with or without bling, so don’t be tempted to over accessorise. Wearing too much jewellery will actually detract from your overall look, lessening the impact of your dress, hair, and make-up.

Stick with delicate jewellery designs that enhance your image without directly drawing the eye. Alternatively, go bold with one statement piece and leave the rest of your body unadorned.

Relate to your ring

As the wedding ring of your dreams is the most important accessory for your special day, it is vital that your other jewellery relates to the ring.

Consider the metal of your wedding band. If you have stayed traditional with yellow gold, continue this theme through the rest of your accessories rather than clashing with silver – and vice versa. You should also think about corresponding with the gemstone of your engagement ring if you’re planning to wear it on the day.

As well as matching the colour of the metal and any gemstones, make sure that your additional accessories echo the style of your wedding band. For example, if you have a classic ring design, the rest of your jewellery should be similarly timeless.

Match the dress design

Your dress should also dictate how you accessorise on your special day. Your bridal jewellery should match the dress design, not work against it.

Again, style is important. Complement a contemporary dress with modern jewellery that is sleek and simple with straight shapes rather than elaborate adornments.

Wearing a dress from a specific era? Pair with pieces from the same period. For example, a 1920s dress would suit drop earrings and pearls. As well as the style, focus on the neckline of your dress. Understanding the different necklines is vital to selecting suitable necklaces and earrings that are enhancing not unnecessary or detracting.

Stick to your style

Feeling confused? You can’t go far wrong by sticking to your style. Being authentic with your choices will help you to be calm and confident on the big day – and as we all know, feeling good is an essential part of looking good.

Not sure of your personal style when it comes to jewellery? Analyse your current collection of accessories and identify any trends. This might include a preference for silver jewellery, a tendency towards ornate pieces, or a love of colour.

Still feeling confused? Simply select accessories that you feel drawn to and that you like with your dress. Trust your taste and rock your personal style with conviction.

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