collaborative post | In recent years, we’ve witnessed how trucking companies have begun to integrate themselves with smaller vehicles on US highways. They are constantly evolving and testing new horizons as time goes by.

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The escalating presence of commercial trucks on US roads has led to rising concerns about the potential threats to the safety of American motorists.

Accidents are the most common threat these trucks pose. If you’ve recently become a victim, reach out to the best truck accident attorneys for assistance in getting the compensation you deserve.

In this article, we’re focused on providing an overview of the safety challenges and regulatory landscape of the presence of these trucks on US roads.

Safety Challenges Posed by Trucking Companies

Here are some of the reasons heavy-duty trucks are considered too dangerous to share the road with smaller vehicles:

Dangerous impact on collision

An average commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. A regular vehicle weighs much less than a truck. If both vehicles collide, the smaller car as well as its occupants will most likely be in grave danger.

Their need for adequate room

Due to their excessive size, these trucks need enough room to turn. When they attempt to take a turn alongside other vehicles, they risk running the smaller vehicles off the road.

Excessive Splashing

Everyone who has driven beside these heavy-duty vehicles can testify to the amount of splashing and spraying that their tires create. Driving alongside them when it’s raining or snowing can leave your vehicle completely drenched, compromising your visibility.

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Dangerous Blind Spots

Large trucks have very huge blind spots. We call their blind spots ‘no zones’. For your safety, you should not spend more than ten seconds in these zones. If possible, avoid them completely. The no-zones of a truck include the front, the rear, and the sides.

Possibility of danger after hitting the brakes

If these trucks are forced to suddenly hit break, the consequences can be catastrophic. This is because of their abnormal stopping distance of 600 feet when compared to the 300 feet of a normal passenger vehicle. Some drivers are usually reckless enough to try getting in front of a high-speed commercial truck. If you do this, you’ll be putting your life and those of all the other occupants in danger.

Policies Concerning Trucks on Regular Roads

The government has set up a few regulatory policies to curb the threat of accidents that these trucks pose to other motorists. All truck drivers must adhere to these rules. Failure to do so will attract hefty fines and even bans. Here are a few of them:

  • Truck drivers must adhere to federal HOS guidelines
  • There are specific weight limits for commercial vehicles; drivers must comply with these limits to reduce the excess wear and tear on roads and bridges.
  • All commercial drivers must have valid CDLs.
  • The cargo they carry while sharing roads with other motorists should be limited to reduce the risk of spills and ensure the safety of other road users.
  • Truck drivers must stick to the posted speed limits on different types of roads.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance is mandatory.
  • Fatigue is the leading cause of accidents among truck drivers; therefore, drivers are encouraged to take advantage of designated rest areas for breaks.
  • All commercial drivers are mandated to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to record and track their driving hours.
  • Drivers are required to minimize engine idling to conserve fuel and also reduce environmental impact.

Wrapping Up

Everyone is concerned about the presence of these heavy-duty trucks on regular roads. While there’s not much we can do to restrict them from driving alongside us, we can enact a few safety techniques to ensure our safety.

There are several tips outlined in this article. Use them and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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  1. My maternal grandfather, uncle, dad, and several cousins were truck drivers. This article is well written and people driving other vehicles must watch out for the big rigs. My dad always told me never to get between two trucks and always give them plenty of warning and room before stopping in front of one.

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