What To Get Someone Who Is Starting A New Job

AD – This is a pre-written advertorial Jobs, particularly new jobs are being discussed quite a lot at the moment. This, in case you didn’t know, is down to COVID-19 and the current lockdown, with many wondering what jobs will be available afterwards. That being said, many businesses are creating lots of new jobs post-lockdown, so, things …


Why Having Your Own Business Is the Future of a Healthy Working Life (+ FREE eBook!)

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own This whole lockdown situation has obviously had a HUGE implication on work and businesses. With so many people losing their jobs, it really does put into the light the fragility of all aspects of life – including our working lives and how …

going to the cinema alone
Mental Health

Going To the Cinema Alone: 6 Tips To Help You (& My Own Experience!)

This is going to be one of those topics that you’ll either roll your eyes at or you’ll really appreciate the advice on. When it comes to anything remotely mental health related, we’re all different. And we’re all affected by completely different things. Going to the cinema alone for you might be a walk in …