Guest Post: How I Cleared My Skin

How you liking my guest post week so far? Yes? Good! Me too! I have another post for you today from Zara all about how she cleared up her skin after breaking out with the worst acne she’d ever had. Feeling like you can relate? Yep, me too. My skin is awful right now due to hormones so I’ll definitely be taking some advice from Zara’s post.

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Guest Post: Behind the Magic as a Disney Cast Member

Good morning everyone! This week on my blog, I will be bringing you a different guest post every day from Monday until Friday from a different blogger as I am away on my holidays this week! I’ll be chug, chug, chugging along on a boat along the Norfolk Broads, without a laptop or much WiFi for that matter so I thought it would be a perfect chance to get some guests on and talk about different topics than what I usually write about. So… let’s kick things off shall we and first up we have a wonderful post from Mairéad, all about her time working in Disney World!

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Guest Post: Coping With Anxiety in High School

As I’m walking through the crowd, I can feel my body starting to react; my heart is in my throat, my skin is crawling, my mouth is dry, my head is spinning and all I can think about is running, running, running away.  But I can’t. I’m frozen to my place, terrified that one wrong move will draw attention. My eyes are darting from here to there, looking for threats. There are people all around me; laughing, talking, looking. Rationally, I know my reaction doesn’t make any sense. Rationally, I know there aren’t any real threats around. Rationally, I know it’s my anxiety acting up. Rationally, I know I need to calm down. But I also know that rationality and logic are useless against it. They do their best, but they never win. I put my hands in my pockets. With my shoulders bent and my head low, I walk away. I don’t look back.

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Guest Post: Why It’s Important to Talk About Mental Health in YA

Young Adult novels aren’t just popular with teenagers, but with adults and pre-teens alike. For many younger readers, books are one way they learn about life – about relationships, sex, family issues, sexuality and gender… And with YA novels covering such a broad range of topics (including a wide variety of genres, protagonists, and diverse characters), why shouldn’t mental health make the list of Things That Should Be Included in YA?

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Guest Post: My New-born Introduced Me to Therapy

I have never been a huge fan of therapy. Please do not be offended but I never really understood how I could benefit from telling a complete stranger about my problems while lying on his couch, that is what friends are for right? 

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Guest Post: Me, Anxiety and Talking About It

Starting of I am not here to tell you this, this and this. I just want to share with you my experience on opening up to people especially when it comes to your mental health. Over the years I have dealt with anxiety but I never dealt with the way I should have. If there is one thing I have learnt over the years is how to open up to people in general, but it’s only been this past year that I have spoken out about my anxiety. Which has been a big help.

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Guest Post: Because Children Get Broken Too

OCD and anxiety disorders run strong in our family, like the non-magical un-sexy version of The Force. Not all of us have been afflicted in the same way, or with the same severity. To our (completely un-trained, un-expert) eyes, a lot seems to depend on circumstance. Physical illness or overwhelming stress can push the continuous background anxiety that we all seem to have – fear of setting a foot wrong, or failing to please others, for example – into something altogether more destructive.

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Guest Post: The Forgotten Queens of 1066

Capturing the Female Side of History

Women are something of a rarity in history – supposedly shy, domestic creatures who peep out between the cracks of their husband’s ‘greater’ deeds. However, anyone who has ever lived with a mother/sister/auntie/girlfriend/wife/daughter will know that very few women really stand quietly in the background of life and I see no reason why this would not have been every bit as true in the past as it is now.

Too many stories of historical women are lost to us and that is why I chose to write The Queens of the Conquest, about the women fighting to be Queen of England in 1066. Not that I don’t like the men (I’m a little bit in love with all my heroes) but theirs are the grand stories everyone knows and I am more interested in capturing what happened behind the scenes of the battles.

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