Boating holiday essentials

Having been on a boating holiday a whopping 2 whole times now, I feel qualified to call myself an expert on all things boating (I’m not). For the past 2 years, my boyfriend and I have taken our holiday with Barnes Brinkcraft, a boat hire company in the Norfolk Broads and spent just short of a week chugging up and down the broads on rivers of all shapes and sizes, encountering an array of wildlife and living a very restricted and self-sufficient life in the confines of a small boat. I’m a huge fan of the staycation but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re not leaving the country, your holiday is going to come and go problem free. It won’t.

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Guest Post: 5 Great Tips for Successfully Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

There are many hardcore hikes, trails and climbs in the world, some of them thousands of metres high and made up of narrow wooden platforms attached to cliff faces, but none of them are quite as demanding as the Appalachian Trail.

It could be more accurately called a journey rather than a trail, covering 14 US states and 2,200 miles, beginning in Georgia and ending in Maine. Much of the trail covers mountainous terrain, but unlike a lot of trails it varies dramatically. It’s because of this that this trail demands a huge amount of stamina and dedication, for many it takes between 5 and 7 months to get to the finish line in Maine, but some trips can take a whole year.

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How I Prepare for a Short Trip Away

I love taking short breaks away from home – even if it’s just for 1 night. I always find it helps to keep me grounded: a change of scenery and truly be good for the soul I believe. So if I have a chance to go away anyway, I’ll almost always take it. The excitement, the build up and packing fills me with a lot of joy. Long car journeys, checking into hotels or quirky little guest houses and being somewhere completely new that you’ve never seen before – I love it all. But of course, I’m not immune to the stress that sometimes comes with it, so today I wanted to share some ways that I personally prepare for a trip away.

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5 Best Holiday Destinations in Lanzarote

When I was younger, my parents and I used to take a holiday to the Canary Islands every year. With constant beautiful weather, a gorgeous breeze, beaches to die for and the perfect atmosphere it was the ideal place to go on holiday as a family. I have lots of great memories from those holidays and I made lots of friends on each one and I sometimes wonder what they’re doing and where they are now. One of those tragically beautiful islands is Lanzarote – even the name sounds great, doesn’t it? I have fond memories of my holiday to Lanzarote so today I want to talk about 5 places you should visit in Lanzarote! And I might even share a photo from my own holiday there all those years ago!

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Life on the River: My Holiday to the Norfolk Broads

I’m a big fan of holidays in the UK aka. a staycation. The UK is beautiful with so many wonderful places to explore, like Snowdonia National Park and The Lake District. My latest adventure was to Norfolk, on a boating holiday to the Norfolk Broads. I’ve had a weekend away in Great Yarmouth before but never had the chance to see the Broads, so here’s my account of my holiday to Norfolk, where boating is the only way to travel!

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Barnes Brinkcraft River Holiday Company Review

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that at the beginning of April I was away on holiday in the Norfolk Broads on my first ever boating holiday! I had an utterly amazing time – the Broads are beautiful – and I wanted to do a small series of posts about the experience, starting with a review of Barnes Brinkcraft, the company we used for the boat hire.

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Tips for Going on a Staycation

In May, my boyfriend and I went to Cumbria and The Lake District on holiday. We live in the UK, so some would call this a “staycation”. A vacation but one which takes place in your own country.


I, for one, am a huge fan of staycations. I live in the South East, just outside of London and I love exploring other parts of the UK I know will be wildly different from my home turf. The UK really is a wonderful place and we really can underestimate it’s beauty.

However, don’t let staycations fool you. Just because you’re not taking a giant suitcase or going on a plane or jetting off to far and distant lands doesn’t mean they’re not stressful and take a lot of planning. They do and here are some tips of things I’ve learnt from various staycations over the years. Continue reading

Travel: Cumbria & The Lake District

cumbria header

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be aware that my boyfriend and I have just come back from our holiday in Cumbria. 40 minutes away from the heart of the lakes, our cottage had a view to die for and a fantastic time was had by the both of us. Of course, I took tons of photos of the places we visited and the stunning scenery we saw on our travels which I’ve been dying to write about and share with you are so here’s what we got up to in Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria. Continue reading

33 Before 33


This year, I turn 23. I’m very much enjoying my 20’s but can’t help but think about how quickly it’ll be over (translation: I’m having a premature quarter life crisis) and how many things I’d still like to achieve while I’m still young. So.. Lo and behold, my 33 before 33 list. A 10 year bucket list, if you will.

I’ve concocted a list of things I’d like to do and achieve before I’m 33; some are quite unrealistic others, I know I will be doing – I wanted a mixture of things with varying degrees of difficulty and impact.


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The Bucket List

A while ago I watched The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. For those that don’t know, The Bucket List is a comedy about two terminally ill men who escape from their hospital ward to go and do all the things they want to do before they die. It’s an absolutely wonderful film that will make you cry with both laughter and sadness. Whilst watching it, it got me thinking about my own non-existent “Bucket List”. I always make a list at the start of every year of things I want to do but they’re usually so weird and ridiculous they don’t happen.

I decided to give up with yearly bucket list but have been thinking about all these big, life-altering things I want to do so I decided to take the plunge and make myself a proper bucket list. Although my situation at the moment might not be ideal for some of these things to happen, I’m sure somewhere along the line it will be. Looking at it now, some of these things seem impossible and un-doable but I have faith that some point in my life I will be brave enough and under the right circumstances to full fill these dreams. Here are a couple of the things I’ve included in my list.

1. Visit Koh Phi Phi in Thailand


Where The Beach was filmed, Koh Phi Phi is the setting of one of my all time favourite books and films. It’s beautiful and probably the thing that’s at the very top of my list. If I was ever lucky enough to go I don’t think I’d ever want to come home. Continue reading