Hi there! And welcome to the Plan, Create and Conquer course information page. I’m so thrilled that you’re interested in what the course involves. But first, a little back story:

Over the last year I’ve really aligned my blog, my content and what I offer with my vision of what I TRULY want my blog to be about. And ultimately (although I’ll always love Disney), that’s helping new or beginner bloggers on their blogging journey and providing the help I spent years looking for when I first started.

Back in October 2018, I released my first eBook, A Beginners Guide To Blogging, which has now sold over 80 copies. This is a comprehensive guide, ideal for newbies, which covers all the basics on blogging to really get your feet off the ground.

Then earlier this year, I released my second eBook, A Beginners Guide to Growing an Engaged and authentic Blog Following, a shorter but more dialed in book covering exactly how I grew my blog following to over 10,000 subscribers which grows by the 100’s every single month.

I loved working on both of these eBooks and it’s been incredible to see the success of them and to hear they’ve helped other bloggers. I mean, that’s the whole point, right?

But I wanted to go further. 

The idea of a course had been in the back of my mind for years. But until now, I never felt I was in a position to offer anything. I needed to get clear on WHAT I wanted to offer, HOW I wanted to offer it and WHO I wanted to offer it to.

So, within the last few months, Plan, Create and Conquer was born.

And Plan, Create and Conquer focuses on all the behind the scenes areas of blogging that so many bloggers struggle with maintaining: Planning consistent blog content, thinking of blog post ideas, knowing how to make those posts shareable, blog post promotion, understanding what your readers are reacting to. And more.

I’ve always been a planner. An organizer. And full of ideas. 

When my creative mind goes off on one… it rarely stops to take a breather!

And for anyone struggling with that, that’s what I want to help with. Along with the organisational, planning and sharing elements of blogging too.

I’ve created a FULL document which highlights exactly what you’re going to get from the course and a break down of the sections involved, what we’ll be working through and more.

You can view this document here.

So if you:

  • Want to get clear on your vision for your blog
  • Struggle planning blog content, coming up with blog post ideas, catchy titles & shareable topics
  • Are finding the views of your blog content lacking and your followers aren’t engaged
  • Are not sure how to properly promote your blog posts – especially on Twitter
  • Need basic SEO advice
  • Want a friendly coach to help you through all of the above, with no rush to finish everything by a certain time, no difficult tasks to complete and someone always only an email away if you have any problems…

Then Plan, Create and Conquer could be for you.

You’ll receive:

  • One on one dedicated mentoring and coaching
  • NO rush or pressure to complete the course in a certain time frame
  • Free range to work at your own pace
  • Friendly help whenever you need it
  • Multiple Skype or phone conversations with me
  • Extra documents, spreadsheets, resources and more

For a one time payment of just £100 for the entire course, including documents, resources, sessions and more.

If you’re interested in the course (or express your interest in the course before it’s officially launched) and would like to start the booking process, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll aim to get back to you within 2-3 working days: