I’m currently working on something brand new for 2019, which I’m really exited and passionate about. I’ll be sharing it and creating a page for it as soon as it’s ready but within that thing, I’ve created a few blog planning printables which I thought I could also offer separately for anyone that might want them! (Obviously the images below are teasers from the whole thing)

Weekly blog schedule printable

This cute weekly blog schedule printable is perfect for anyone who wants to crack down with their planning and organisation of their blog posts. With room to write in your post title for each day and the circles at the end of each day are designed for colour coding, to help you keep track of your topics! There’s also a handy notes section at the bottom of the printable.

Grab yours here for just 50p!

Weekly social media schedule

I’ve also created a weekly social media planning printable which is ideal for those who are working on consistency of self promotion of their blogs across their social channels. The circles are designed to be crossed out or colored in (whichever you prefer) when that particular social channel has been scheduled for that day.

It can be really hard to keep track of social media, especially when you’re on multiple platforms (I know that this will help me be more consistent on Instagram, where I really slack!) so this printable would be perfect to sit down with at the beginning of the week and keep track of all your self promotion! Each day is a different colour.

Grab yours here for just 50p!