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On this page you’ll find all the resources I would recommend to bloggers to help them grow their blogs. You’ll find a selection of resources from free courses, eBooks and more on a variety of topics. Please note that this page will contain affiliate links. If you purchase any of the resources marked with a (*), I will receive a small percentage of the sale.

My French Coach (*) – Sam Neame, Life Coach (use reference NEVERLANDJENNY)

Sam coaches normal people, athletes, entrepreneurs, office workers, sales-people, the unemployed, the successful and anyone who wants more out of life. ​ These people all have a few things in common, they aren’t fulfilling their true potential and can’t figure out how to move forward in their work or life in general. ​

If you feel you are not where you want to be in life, you have probably googled it, watched motivational videos, read books about improving yourself, but the honest truth is, you probably need to take the next step for some real-life guidance.

A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Sales (*) – Grab your copy here!

Ready to make money with affiliate marketing but not got a clue where to start? This one is for you! Kayleigh Zara has made a ton of money with affiliate sales over the course of this year and she’s put all her expert advice into one handy eBook for beginners just looking to get in on the action. If you’re going to take advice from anyone about affiliate marketing, Kayleigh is a good one to go with!

Viral Pinterest Templates (*) – Grab your templates here!

Pinterest can definitely be a time consuming element of growing your blog and creating pins can take a long time! If you hate creating pins, then I’d highly recommend getting your hands on these amazing viral Pinterest templates from Pinterest Queen, Boss Babe Chronicles!

40 Pretty Pinterest Templates Starter Kit (*) – Grab your templates here!

In my opinion, you can never have too many Pinterest templates! They come in SO HANDY especially if you’re short on time. I’d highly recommend picking up these templates from Amber at The Unpredicted Page. I was so impressed with these and 40 templates will go a LONG WAY! There’s some super pretty and different designs and they’re so affordable too.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide (*) – Grab your copy here!

This guide is absolutely perfect for beginners to Pinterest as Mariam covers absolutely everything from starting your blog, setting up your Pinterest account, creating boards, keyword research and pin design. Combined with her handy Pinterest templates above, she shares absolutely everything you need to know about getting started with Pinterest and making it work for your blog.

Blog To Business: Your Pitching Toolkit (*) – Grab your copy here!

For any blogger lacking the confidence to pitch to brands, this one is for you. Even after 7 years of blogging, I found so much useful information in this eBook. If you use the code JENNY at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order!

Keyword Research For Bloggers (*) – Grab your copy here!

Confused about keywords and why they’re so important for your blog’s SEO? This eBook will set you right. Nele knows absolutely everything about keywords and she makes everything easy to digest in this handy eBook.

Pinterest With Ell eCourse (*) – Enroll on the course here!

For anyone wanting to learn how Pinterest works and how you can make it work for your blog, you need to get this course. Ell is an industry expert in all things Pinterest – receiving hundreds of thousands of monthly blog views from Pinterest ALONE. She makes it all incredibly easy to understand in this eCourse!

Keysearch Pro (*) – Sign up here!

Keysearch is an absolute must have subscription for keyword research. It makes everything about researching viable keywords for your blog content SO EASY and I wouldn’t be without it now. You can get a 20% discount if you use code KSDISC when signing up through the link above!

Free Media Kit Template – Grab your free media kit template here!

If you want to work with brands on your blog, you need to have yourself a media kit. Don’t know where to start? Grab Dana Nicol’s FREE media kit template!

Free SEO Course For Beginners – Click here to start the course!

Another one from Dana is her free SEO course for beginners. This is perfect for those who want to dip their toes in and learn the basics of SEO before getting into things in more detail.

Abundance Academy – Enroll here!

A bit of a niche one here but if you’re into the Law of Attraction, the power of the Universe and manifestation and want to use it to help attract money and success into your life, Abundance Academy is for you. I adored this course, it helped me get clear on my vision and introduces new techniques to help you attract money into your life.

A Beginners Guide To Blogging – Grab your copy here!

My Beginners Guide to Blogging is perfect for brand new bloggers (or bloggers who are just looking to get serious with their blogs). It covers everything you need to know as a new blogger in a friendly, easy to follow way.

A Beginners Guide To Growing Your Blog Following – Grab your copy here!

My Beginners Guide to Growing Your Blog Following hones in on the techniques and methods I used to grow my blog following to almost 11,000 – with 5,000 of those being within 18 months.

Blogging Mindset Mastery – Enroll here!

And the final one from me, my new course Blogging Mindset Mastery is available to enroll in now and it contains over 60 lectures on everything from money mindset, fear of failure, blogging basics, working with brands (including pitching), creating an action plan, goal setting and much more. If you ALREADY have a blog and you’re finding yourself unable to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself, this one is for you!

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