The Bedtime Tag

It’s another tag post today (again because I’m running low on blog post ideas and I found this one on Little Owl Loves blog and thought it was cute! I wasn’t technically tagged in it – ooh rebel) and I love my bed and I love sleeping so I thought a bedtime tag was perfect for me! I’ve also recently bought some gorgeous new bedding so this is a great opportunity to show it off!

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Books That Made Me… Grateful

Today I welcome Liz from Liz Loves Books to my ‘Books That Made Me…’ feature and the emotion she was given to write about is ‘Grateful’ so here are the books she chose…

Books That Made Me… Grateful

Books have made me feel a lot of things of the years, I’m not sure about our eyes being the window to our Soul’s I think for me my soul is very much found in what I read.

When I think about books I’ve been grateful for, two spring immediately to mind. One of course that I’ve talked about often, and another that I have not – mainly because the two reasons behind them are oceans apart. Continue reading “Books That Made Me… Grateful”